Breaking Miles Guo: Senior Chinese official is infected with the coronavirus


Miles Guo’s live broadcast on Feb 21.2020.

A senior Chinese official from the Standing Committee is infected with the novel coronavirus.

More than 500 people were infected with the coronavirus in the Peking University People’s Hospital. Some jumped out from the building, others ran away and cannot be found until now. Will Beijing be the next Wuhan as the epicenter?

The Peking University People’s Hospital (PKUPH) is a place for all these senior Chinese government officials to have a surrogate and modified the genes of their heirs.

Wang Qishan approved this project when he was promoted as the Vice-Premier. He and many other senior government officials believe that this project is essential for the continuation of the communist party. Also, this is part of the Nanputuo plan.

Fan Yifei as the Vice-president of the Bank of China, and he is also Wang Qishan’s right-hand man. He and many other senior government officials used PKUPH as a place to vent their sexual desires. Of course, many different services help them enjoy sexual experiences.

Miles Guo warned all the friends in China that the virus is still spreading, and the whole situation will get worse. People should stay at home and avoid going to work.

Some cities and provinces will get worse, such as Jiangxi, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dongguan, and Hong Kong.

The Expose Revolution is the only one that is showing to the world the truth behind the Wuhan outbreak. And the suffering that the Chinese have to endure under the Chinese communist party regime.

The reason that we are so confident is that we are speaking of truth and facts. Without a doubt, the Chinese Communist Party is finished!