Sins of the CCP #10: Seeking World Dominance Through Destruction

Author: 牛牛姐姐
Editor: 阿斌 & XO酱
Material & Research: Cindy & mgjxs

This is Part 10 of the series “The Ten Sins of the CCP” produced by Himalaya Australia, where we exposed the CCP’s plan to dominate the world by destroying western civilisations currently led by the United States of America.

A top-secret CCP document leaked by a whistleblower was disclosed and presented by Mr. Miles Guo to the public at a press conference in Washington, D.C. on September 5, 2017. It was a long list of secret agents sent to the US to cause mayhem. On the same day, Mr. Guo destroyed a highly classified document, namely the “13579 Plan”.  He realized that the Americans were too naive to believe the authenticity of the insanely evil plan written in that document. Exposing the plan then would surely jeopardize the safety of his family and himself.  Instead, he solemnly issued a statement at that conference, warning the Americans that “The moment of darkness brought by the CCP is at your doorstep.  Be prepared.”

When interviewed by Mr. Steve Bannon’s War Room on September 4, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the highly classified document which he burned on the day of the press conference three years earlier was indeed the CCP’s strategic plan to destroy and conquer the world, the CCP’s Pandora’s Box’s “13579 Plan”.  Each number of the plan stands for the period scheduled to achieve each step of the plan.  The steps are to develop a biochemical weapon, to make it available within 3 years from 2017, to ensure the bioweapon lasts for 5 years from its release, to thoroughly paralyse 7 countries (i.e. the Five Eyes countries being the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, plus Japan and India), and to release vaccines for the bioweapon within 9 months of the pandemic in order to hold the entire world to ransom.  

Mr. Miles Guo issued another stern warning to the people of the world about CCP on February 15, 2021.  He revealed that the CCP’s ultimate objective is the complete destruction of the US in accordance with the following timeline:

(1) to complete Chinazation of the world’s manufacturing before 2025 through the One Belt One Road Initiative; 

(2) to surpass the US GDP by 2035 to become the number one in the world; and

(3) to achieve total conquest of the world by 2049 upon the demise of the US.

In order to realize its vicious ambition of dominating the world, the CCP has been relentless in deploying resources to implement the BGY plan (B means blue which denotes information manipulation, G means gold which denotes bribery and Y means yellow which denotes sex) and the “13579” plan.  It has spared no effort in stirring up racial hatred across Asia, Africa and Latin America, and has subverted modern civilization and universal value with racial-driven social divisions. it has converted he Muslim extremists to become comrades of the communists.  The white people have been made into scapegoats for all the wrongdoings and labelled as “white supremacists”. The CCP’s “Extermination of the Whites” plan is about destroying the Judeo-Christian faith and replacing it with communism as the common faith of all mankind; as well as destroying the US Dollar and replacing it with the CCP’s cryptocurrency to achieve absolute economic control. Not only have certain shameless Western politicians been propagating policies which appease the CCP’s evil deeds, they have also committed treason by selling out national interests in exchange for personal gains.  If not for the efforts of Mr. Miles Guo’s Whilstlement Movement which led to recent favorable development, the world would have been in a much more precarious situation.

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