Sins of the CCP #9: Biological Attack on the World

Author: Rosa
Editor: 阿斌 & XO酱
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This is Part 9 of the series “The Ten Sins of the CCP” produced by Himalaya Australia, where we exposed the CCP’s biological warfare on the whole world using the COVID-19 virus.

The Whistleblower Movement has been warning the world since January 19, 2019 that COVID-19 is a biological weapon released by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and that it came from the CCP military laboratory. The world must wake up to the fact that we are already at war and all politicians must stand firm and be courageous, to hold the CCP accountable and demand the cure from the CCP.  

The coronavirus pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The CCP destroyed a large number of virus samples and raw data from the initial period of the outbreak, and kept the first patient anonymous even till this day. On December 30, 2019, a Wuhan whistle-blower, Dr. Li Wenliang, warned the world via social media of the high risk of human-to-human transmission of the virus.  He was subsequently arrested by Chinese public security officials on charges of “rumor-mongering” and “disturbing public security”, according to official media reports. On February 7, Dr. Li Wenliang also died of the virus. 

On January 19, 2020, LUDE Media revealed the bombshell news about the virus and summarized its characteristics as follows: 

1) the virus was created in the CCP military laboratory, using Zhoushan bat virus as the backbone;

2) the CCP government was actively covering up the true information of the disease;

3) there was human-to-human transmission;

4) there was no wild animal intermediate hosts; and

5) if not controlled immediately, the virus might lead to a pandemic, and inevitably many mutants would emerge rapidly. 

The information revealed by LUDE Media apparently panicked the CCP and Zhong Nanshan, a notoriously CCP-backed epidemiologist and mouthpiece, came out to confirm human-to-human transmission of the virus. 

The CCP owes the world the explanations to the following questions:

1. Why has the CCP concealed the outbreak of the pandemic from the get go unless it has something to hide? 

2. Why has the CCP spared no effort in censoring each and every person who tried to inform the world about the condition on the ground?

3. Why did the CCP buy out the global epidemic prevention supplies? 

4. Why has the CCP not allowed access to their laboratory for inspection by the Western experts? 

The CCP has no intention of telling the world anything about the virus.  It allowed outbound international flights to continue while buying up all the PPE, masks, and other medical protection supplies from countries around the world through its surrogates abroad. The CCP’s actions directly encouraged the spread of the epidemic worldwide. 

Since this virus and pandemic were clearly caused by the CCP, we will refer to it as the CCP virus instead.

The damage caused by the CCP virus

As of April 30, 2021, more than 150 million confirmed cases have been reported in 192 countries and territories worldwide, with more than 3.2 million deaths. The scary part is that the numbers are continuing to rise rapidly, with the number of confirmed cases predicted to reach 300 million this year.  The Whistleblower Movement is convinced that the real numbers must be much higher.

Since it took 18 months only for the global casualties of the CCP virus pandemic to reach such a level, it is reasonably foreseeable that the number of future casualties will exceed the total deaths of the two world wars.

The recent second outbreak of the CCP virus in India is reported to have more than 400,000 new infection cases and over 3,500 deaths per day. 

The Great Recession caused by the outbreak of the pandemic has dealt a fatal blow to the aviation, tourism and service industries. Global unemployment skyrocketed between April to June 2020, with the International Labor Organization estimating that an equivalent of 400 million full-time jobs wiped out worldwide. Global stock markets experienced the worst crash since 1987 and central banks printed massive amounts of money to bail out the market.  The International Monetary Fund stated in November 2020 that governments and central banks have provided US$19.5 trillion in financial support since the CCP virus pandemic began. 

Money printing of this scale has also led to severe inflation, with prices rising by more than 20% and house prices by more than 30% in just over a year.

This economic bubble merely takes care of the symptoms temporarily, it is not the cure for the root cause. The accumulation of sky-high debt is making governments, businesses or individuals feel uneasy. It is just a matter of time for the bubble to burst whence the eruption of tsunami-like debt crisis will lead to social unrest, localized famine and even war.

The sinister intention behind the CCP virus

In 2019, various problems within Communist China started emerging.  Firstly, the US-China trade war drained the CCP’s already precarious foreign exchange reserves.  Secondly, the Hong Kong protests pushed the CCP to the adversarial side of the civilized world.  Thirdly, the economic downturn and the rise of unemployment in China put the livelihood of Chinese people in a more difficult situation.  Fourthly, the issues of an aging population in China started to show.  Lastly, the domestic food crisis drastically increased the CCP’s reliance on foreign imports.

In addition, President Xi Jinping was facing ever-mounting pressures from inside and outside of the CCP.  After he took helm of the CCP through amending the Constitution, all factions within the Party were forced to tacitly join forces to weaken Xi’s power.  Being cornered domestically and internationally, Xi was driven to take aggressive measures to pivot from the pressures piled upon him. In this case, starting a pandemic can get him out of all the problems at the same time. 

The Hong Kong Anti-extradition Protests really caught the CCP off guard.  The resilience, unity and courage of Hong Kong people in defending the spirit of Hong Kong shocked the world. The CCP had to act in a hurry to release the CCP virus in Hong Kong to stop the movement from escalating.

During the 2020 US Election, the US Democratic Party took advantage of the pandemic and threw open the floodgates for mail-in ballots.  The CCP used the opportunity to counterfeit ballots and manipulate the election result on an unprecedented scale.


The root cause of all the problems the world is facing is the CCP.  We must unite and hold the CCP accountable for the crime it has committed. Only then can we have a chance to get hold of the cure to the CCP virus.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of


《非典非自然起源- 和人制人新种病毒基因武器





钟南山通报 “病毒肯定人传人”


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of

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