Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on May 10, 2021


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1、I have received many birthday greetings . Whistleblower Movement, New Federal State of China is the first time in nearly a century that Overseas Chinese appeared in the public view, caring, encouraging, helping for each other and having a common goal. On this birthday, the feeling is particularly strong that the China Communist Party has lived another year, and I have aged another year. When you have friends and family, you are happy; when you have love in your heart, you are a complete person. Buddhists talk about seeing through, doing, standing on the ground to become a Buddha, but standing on the ground to become a demon much; even you have more siblings, but friends are the necessary air, love is your entire soul. Life is about hope and love, about making your life complete, and what you miss most at this moment is your family and friends. There is a friend in prison who is the former deputy Minister of Finance sent me a birthday wish, when he was invited in Swamp to have all natural duck eggs and Mongolian wild lamb, imagine how he would be treated if he was not in this position of Minister of Finance? The line was absolutely drawn immediately. Let’s all make a little natural, non-chemical friend! Yesterday I met with the Iron Blood Group and said that we should cherish this natural relationship with our Fellow Fighters, no interests, no devises, no deals, no deceptions. At no time in the past four years I have cursed, lied or misrepresented myself.

2、I wore a mask the whole time yesterday to record my new song. The chief planner of The Voice of China is now my music teacher, and China hired him at a very high cost and wanted me not to reveal his name. He said that Chinese people like to sing with their throats and they should sing with their bodies. Throughout the whole process, he praised me as a genius every three words, and this kind of encouragement like cajoling a child, helped me to find my feeling, singing “Come with Me” up to 1000 times and teaching me how to rap “Take Down the CCP”. Tang Ping opened an impossible door for me – Singing ,without any thematic ideas is not a song, Tang Ping came overseas because she was not agreed  to the mainland China style. The United States has standards, very pragmatic, only care about what you can do, which is why there are so many practical people in U.S. The emergence of the 2-inch chip makes the video transmission speed up, and the quality of more than 5G effect, they have a set of standards, the same as the Studio; China was left behind for decades, it is impossible to be strong just by making relationships.

3、Americans love U.S. but also curse U.S., but the world’s elite have come to the United States. The Chinese are incapable, all ‘sleep relationships ‘ and buy out cannot be the mainstream; there is no mainstream in U.S, but US is tolerant, which is impossible in China. And the Chinese tradition of narrow-mindedness, hypocrisy, put together is a criminal group, there cannot be any development and opportunity. Those of us who came to America and Europe, and brought wealth and technology to, that’s what makes the Western so great. In China you can only be a sheep, everyone in the Western has equal opportunities, the Western society is a superior society, China is a society where the Bad expels the Good, who is the obvious winner   between these two societies.

4、Humanity is a society of individuals, people always do what is good for themselves, it respects for the human being natures. And the China Communist Party requires that Father and Mother is not as good as the Party. He does not respect himself, how can they care about the others.I saved Liu Changle twice, he did not even say thank you. In 2015, I was in Hudson and told Wang Jiyan, the CCP must take him down;Liu Changle played things too big, even though without this relationships, he will be taken down by the CCP.  Once the Chinese bosses have money, they will start doing whatever they want, and something bad will definitely happen. Hitler’s most fatal mistake was overestimate himself, multi-front war strategy, and even partnered with Italy and Japan to challenge the world. I firmly believe that: Thousand moves won’t be better than one stroke.I’d rather believe in a Huo Qubing, but not in 20,000 dispersed troops.I’ll always do one thing before starting the next one.

5、In 1991, I was the first real estate developer in China to have a living section, and the first real estate project in Henan with a natural gas and property management company, with entertainment facilities in addition to living facilities. I traveled all over the world to study the design, the project launched and sold out overnight. In 1977, I returned to Shandong from the Northeast and saw that people in the village were braiding with wheat stalks, which I did not do well, so I collected the village braids on credit and then sold them to the company. Later on, I resold fritillaria, candy canes and popsicles, electronic watches,I went to Hong Kong at the age of 13 to sell motorcycles, and later affiliated with Huamao Electronics Group. I have no feeling of having wealth, I just want to create wealth and also want to change China. My experiences, aspirations and beliefs have made me what I am today. This is the basic criterion to judge a person; evaluate a person not by what he says, but by what he does. What Chinese people love to believe is lies, which is why there are so many wolves in sheep’s skin.

6、We are happiest when we have family and friends, and people have to get along with people. Nine out of ten that life is not pleasant, so it’s important to cherish the one part of that as it should be. All Fellow Fighters have to tolerate and love each other, the New Federal State of China is the only place in the world where Chinese people who do not know each other but can treat each other sincerely, this platform is worth to be cherished by everyone through life. Every moment we are changing the world’s perception of the Chinese, the heroic scientist Dr. Yan is so great, brave, righteous, she gave up everything, single-mindedly researching the virus, it is not easy. Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying ,they lost hundreds of millions of assets overnight because of they participate in the Whistleblower Movement , they live in a simple and humble way, they are the examples of our new Chinese people.

7、Thanks for the birthday wishes, so many videos and concerns, I am very happy, it’s worth to fight for you all. Deception Thieves and Duanxiu Wei are so at ease with other people’s money, this mentality is terrible, disguise people live on lies all day long, hate Chinese people, anti-China and anti-humanity, perverted human nature so that they never know gratitude and pay out. Nine-fingered Sara is sure to be in jail, they are a group of beasts, as same as Turkey Gong .

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1 year ago

Brother 7 thank you for sharing so many details regarding your personal life when you where so young. I know taking down the CCP is first & foremost. I find your content here very helpful so we can all eliminated those bad actors