The CCP Is Playing Its Race Card Now

In his speech at a meeting between senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Xi Jinping stressed that China should seize the opportunity through the bottom-line thinking method when the world is in chaos.

  • Xi’s so-called bottom-line thinking is to do whatever it takes to achieve the CCP’s evil goals.
  • By spreading the virus and creating chaos, the CCP will bring down the economies of rival countries, brainwash their people, and later take control of their politics and governments.

Just as Mr. Lu De and his guests predicted before, the CCP who wants to kidnap all Asian people to threaten the world, are now starting to play their race card.

  • The Asian American Foundation (AAF) directors, which includes Alibaba Group Vice Chairman Joe Tsai, Yahoo Inc. co-founder Jerry Yang and other Asian business people, will donate $125 million to the foundation.
  • Germany’s DW News: Racial stereotypes about Asians abound in Germany and often cross over into physical assault.

The medical journal the Lancet said PM Modi’s government would be responsible for presiding over a ‘self-inflicted national catastrophe’.

  • The Lancet, which is deeply infiltrated by the CCP, is no longer talking about science but politics.

The CCP propaganda machine quotes the Guardian on India’s Covid catastrophe: “We are witnessing a crime against humanity”.

  • The CCP has made India its main battleground.  It is trying to warn the world that if any country opposes the CCP, it will end up like India.
  • The CCP also wants to prove that a politically complex developing country like India is not suited to have democracy but rather to apply only dictatorial governance.
  • The only way to solve all the world’s problems today is to destroy the CCP.
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