We Must Stay Alert of Possible “Alien Invasion” in the Future

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

At this moment when the free spirit of mankind is gradually awakening, thousands of people begin to discover the force behind the scenes and manipulating humanity.

They are hidden in the shadows. They have no name. We call them Cabal, which means a group of people who are secretly plotting insidious actions.

At this moment of great awakening, Cabal has received an unprecedented threat. We have already seen that Cabal have planned false flag one after another to maintain their supreme power.

Now let us discuss one of the most evil false flag operations that may be implemented, that is, the fake invasion of aliens.

The UFO phenomenon of aliens can be traced back thousands of years. If we want to review the mystery of UFO in history, explore the half-truths and the misinformation spread to mislead people, we can discuss them for days. The most critical question is whether alien invasion may become a reality, and whether human beings are really threatened by aliens.

The technology needed to fake an alien invasion does exist. Nikola Tesla died before World War II. After his death, the FBI told us that his research had disappeared. After the start of World War II, Dr. Walther Gerlach and an expert who specialized in mercury plasma, that is, luminous mercury ions in a strong magnetic field. They joined the Top-Secret Project called Degerlach, which is also known as the “Bell”. Some remaining documents indicate that “bells” have anti-gravity and anti-space properties. The entire project disappeared after the war.

Then after the war some Nazi scientists were hired in the Paper-Clip operation of the US government. Many of them joined the rocket booster research project of NACA and the cultist Jack Parsons. Then they formed NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Prior to this, the American Invention Confidentiality Act was promulgated in 1951. This bill gives the U.S. government the power to conceal any invention that may become a threat to the U.S. This bill led to the suppression of Stanley Meyer’s hydro-powered car and John Hutchison’s Hutchison effect.

Since World War II, more and more UFOs have appeared on the surface. UFO has also become a part of pop-culture. The US government developed laser weapons. The unspeakable and peculiar ruins created around the 9-11 incident, and the phenomena that were not in line with common sense during the California fire, may have been caused by some kind of laser thermal weapon. This weapon seems to have the property of directly melting glass and steel. Burning people’s houses directly into a pile of ruins that look like blueprints.

Whistleblower claimed that he had seen the government abduct civilians by imitating aliens. He also said that he had seen a UFO-like UFO project under construction. They think that these aircraft will easily make ignorant people think of it as UFO. If cabal can successfully realize the false incident of alien invasion, our society will fall into great chaos.

The Mask mandate has shown how willingly people are to obey the government, and they are even willing to believe everything the government says. The rest of the people may be quickly wiped out by cabal’s energy weapons, if they really have this kind of technology.

We now seem to have glimpsed some clues that they deliberately released. I wonder whether they are trying to set the public opinion for an alien invasion.

Although most of the arguments I mentioned in this article are based on inferences and speculations and some materials that are difficult to verify the authenticity. But I think my opinion is not baseless. Regardless of whether anyone is secretly planning an alien invasion, one thing is certain, there are a small number of people in this world, such as the CCP, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, David Rockefeller, Soros, etc. They are real. They are the cabal. Their purpose is to eliminate good people and enslave humanity.

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