Frontline Doctor: “we are required to put political correctness first”

Author: VOG-Translation-Team, WenYong, BoredBug

Feb 20. A text alleged coming from a frontline doctor showed that hospitals are ordered to make COVID19 patients discharged before they are fully cured. The purpose of doing this is to fabricate a well-looking ‘cure rate.’

A post alleged to be from a frontline doctor

“The number of coronavirus cases in Wuhan has grown rapidly and the situation is still tough. Preventative measures have been escalated from original city lockdown to roadblock and now community lockdown. “

“Medical workers fighting coronavirus at the frontline are faced with new challenges as the situation worsens. Political correctness is above everything, including patients’ health and the interests of the public. Patients hospitalized for 10 plus days who are not in life-threatening danger and meet the standards set out in an official document are required to be discharged to improve the bed turnover rate. The discharge standards are 1. Symptoms are alleviated; 2. Chest CT shows that absorption of inflammation is better than before; 3. Two consecutive nucleic acid tests (“NAT”) are negative. These discharged patients have not been notified to the relevant communities but are let go for self-quarantine at home.”

“Thirdly, to falsify the bed turnover. Some patients’ chest CT scans don’t show upsides or apparent recovery, their discharge conclusions bear phrases indicating marked improvements. There is no bottom line at all.”

“The way of treatment is just like a political movement, and we are marching towards the direction of the Great Leap Forward.”

We don’t have proof whether the above letter comes from a real doctor or insider. But an official announcement from Wuhan shows that three ‘cured’ patients were found to have coronavirus or be suspicious again. This could be related to the CCP-political-correct discharge rate.

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Feb. 21, 2020