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On May 9, Mother’s Day, fellow fighters in Melbourne gave up time to reunite with family and once again gathered in front of the Chinese Communist Consulate in Melbourne for a protest. The chant of “Take Down The CCP” once again rang out in the sky. But, this time, the fellow fighters also chanted the slogan “Cheng Jingye, Get Out of Australia.” It has an extraordinary significance for all Chinese living in Australia, as it tells Australians that the CCP does not represent us, the Chinese people.

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party’s Wolf Warrior diplomacy has become famous worldwide. There is Zhao Lijian in mainland china, and there is Cui Tiankai, the U.S. ambassador, who “took off his suit and put on his military uniform”, and Liu Xiaoming, the British ambassador, who gave like to the silk stockings. Australia’s ambassador Cheng Jingye is also “no slouch”. After the Chinese Communist Party virus epidemic, he publicly warned the Australian government, if they insist on an independent investigation of the truth of the virus, the Chinese Communist Party will boycott Australian products and tourism.

In an exclusive interview with The Australian Financial Review on April 27, 2020, Cheng Jingye threatened that if the Australian government insisted on launching a viral investigation, it would cause Chinese consumers to boycott Australian products. In the interview, he said it would be up to the Chinese to decide. Perhaps the average person would ask, “Why should we drink Australian wine? Why should we eat Australian beef?” But as Cheng Jingye said, the truth is that since November 28, 2020, the Communist Party of China has imposed tariffs of 107% to 212.1% on wine imports from Australia in the form of a bond. As a result of this, Australian wine exports to the Chinese Communist Party have shrunk dramatically, and exports have come to an almost complete halt.

Meanwhile, Cheng Jingye also threatened Australia’s independent inquiry, which would affect Australia’s study abroad industry and tourism. In the interview, he warned Australia that Chinese parents would reconsider whether to send their children to study in Australia, “The Chinese people are frustrated, sad and disappointed with what Australia is doing now. In the long run. If the Chinese people are getting in a bad mood, they will think, ‘why are we going to a country that is not friendly to China?’ Tourists may think again and again.” This ugly rogue face of Cheng Jingye has disgraced the Chinese people.

Like many of the CCP’s professional spies, Cheng Jingye majored in international relations. After graduating from university in 1985, Cheng Jingye joined the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He served in the Permanent Mission of the Chinese Communist Party to the United Nations, the International Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Arms Control Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his tenure as CCP ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye has often made a lot of rhetoric. As a result, China-Australia relations have gone downhill and become increasingly tense, and after 2017, China and Australia stopped their summit talks at the highest level. On May 6, the Chinese Communist Party announced the “indefinite suspension” of the strategic economic dialogue between the two countries.

Over the past three decades, as the economic power of Communist China has grown, more and more Chinese have migrated to Australia. The Chinese ethnic group has now become one of the largest ethnic minorities in Australia, accounting for about 5.6% of the total population. Therefore, Australia occupies a critical position in the Chinese Communist Party( CCP)’s global united warfare layout. An excellent example of this is the “Belt and Road” agreement signed between the Victorian government and the CCP in 2019. And Australia has also leased the strategically important northern port of Darwin to a Chinese Communist company for 99 years. Fortunately, the Australian government is increasingly aware of the threat posed by the CCP, driven by the Breaking News Revolution. On April 21, the Morrison government scrapped the Belt and Road agreement that the Victorian governor had signed with the CCP without permission. On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party has been unable to refuse and boycott Australia’s high-quality iron ore and crops. Australia’s economy has continued to perform well during the Communist virus epidemic. Australia will only be more prosperous and secure without the CCP.

It is said that Cheng Jingye once boasted in front of the top echelon of the Chinese Communist Party that “Australia is completely taken care of” and that he would not let the Whistleblower’s Movement take root in Australia. In each of the two previous protests at the Chinese Communist Consulate in Melbourne, consular staff alerted local Melbourne police. But there was no obstruction from the police. Recently, the Australian Federal Police also reached out to “MAO BEN XIAO GE”, the fellow fighter who organized these protests. The federal police said that they would be responsible for the security of the Melbourne protesters in the future. It gave Cheng Jingye and the others a resounding slap in the face.

Melbourne is one of the most important cities in Australia and is an essential window to Australian politics, economy, and culture. The fellow fighters of the Melbourne Whistleblower’s Movement will keep the offline activities going to wake up more and more people to contribute to the early eradication of the CCP.

Cheng Jingye, see you next week!

Cheng Jingye, see you every week!

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