Tradingin cryptocurrencies is prohibited in China, but cryptocurrencies are unstoppable.

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech.

People must bear in mind

and be aware of what’s currently going on in the communist China

China CITIC Bank today blocks domestic investors from trading in bitcoins.

And ChinaMerchants Bank have actually started doing this 2 weeks ago.

MINSHENG Bank also have already initiated this for quite some time.

And many were arrested for such investments

Most of the investments in cryptocurrencies are not for speculation.

butfor risk mitigation purpose

When assets are not properly anchored and secured

wealth is only based on trust.

There is also the need for security.

The critical essence of any cryptocurrency is

to keep wealth safe and secure.

And also, to allow it to be independent

and free from all sortsof threats and influence.

So, why is the CCP restricting it?

It’s because this is causing massive wealth transfer.

And many people at the China Development Bank were caught because of their ties to Bitcoin trading

Another thing you will notice is

that the Japanese economy is also in danger.

Because its enormous wealth has been poured into cryptocurrencies

in just a few short months.

The global cryptocurrency market, has gone from less than a few hundred billion to 2.5 trillion.

It will soon surpass US$5 trillion.

When it breaks through the US$5 trillion mark, or theUS$10 trillion mark even,

It will no longer be a simple currency.

The world can no longer ignore its impact onHuman science and technology civilization

and its absoluteruling power over trade and finance

Transactions in Blockchain system cannot be tempered with.

Its security is way ahead ofthose provided byother currency anchors,

Such as anchored by gold or petroleum.

It is 10,000 times safer than the others.

I have said a few months ago

that more than 100 billion dollars had gone to Canada, mostly put into cryptocurrencies.

More stunningly, in Hong Kong and Asia,

incalculable amount of funds intended for production, andeven from bank loans

haveactually been diverted into cryptocurrency.

This is devastating to the CCP’s financial system.

Why would they do this?

Because everyone believes that the CCP is going down.

And the CCP have more blackmoney than anywhere else in the world, trillions of dollars.

If a mere two or three trillion US dollars flowed into the cryptocurrency market before the fall of CCP,

The effect is in the tens of trillions of US dollars.

The marginal effect is tens of trillions of US dollars.

Levelsof productivity and living standards of the past,

including the way people communicate

will no longer be the same.

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