The Emperor’s New Clothes – Miles Guo and Dr. Yan Are the ‘Little Girl’ Who Pointed Out the Truth About the Pandemic

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On May 5th, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro said “Could we be fighting a new war? I wonder. Which country’s GDP has grown the most?” Is he referring to “Unrestricted Warfare,” a book authored by 2 CCP Colonels? Over the past 2-3 years, we have seen CCP’s information warfare, economic warfare, and now clearly, biological warfare as well.

Mr. Guo’s live broadcastings have exposed CCP’s “1-3-5-7-9” plan, where the “1” means to create ONE biological weapon. They have finished created it and now this weapon has taken ~3.25 million lives globally. Dr. Yan, a clinician scientist who fled from the WHO reference lab in Hong Kong, has published 3 papers with concrete scientific evidence to show the world that this is CCP’s bioweapon. Still, the world dare not face the truth, and the governments of the West are continuing to avoid any responsibility for it.

As Mr. Guo said in his livestream, the vaccine is not a (conventional) vaccine. He said, “Sadly, no one believes that the government, which is supposed to protect its people, would deliver a vaccine or vaccines to kill its own people. Now, the vaccine-producing big pharma has passed laws so that people who died from COVID vaccines cannot sue them.” He also said, “We have to understand that the vaccines are just a way for the government to get away with impunity.”

From Trump’s to Biden’s administrations, the only solution we have been instructed on is to wear masks while getting vaccine jabs. None of them considered in detail Dr. Yan’s reports or faced the real death tolls, particularly the numbers in India.

Now we see the truth that “the emperor is naked.” “The governments of the West need to investigate the truth of the CCP virus and ask the CCP for the antidote,” Mr. Guo advised. However, none of the 200 countries have the courage, justice, moral standards or conscience to confront the CCP for answers.

Miles used his own experience to prove the safety of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which has been proven to be effective for prevention and early treatment via numerous clinical trials and a growing number of doctor’s testimonials. He has also revealed that HCQ has been studied and defined as one of CCP’s national strategic goods, as early as 1996.

On our weekly Thursday live broadcast, we revealed that the CCP has “patented” the treatment using HCQ for SARS-CoV-2.

While Mr. Guo was asked about the long-overdue White Paper of the Virus, he said, “According to my information, the US White Paper is ready but the consequences of releasing it would be significant – decoupling with the CCP and declaring war against the PRC.

Because the consequences are huge, he predicted that only a preliminary version of the White Paper will be released. The complete version will not be released until the US 2022 mid-term elections, or if the pandemic causes the global economy to come to a stand-still, whichever comes first. This is a passive wait-and-see tactic by a cowardly government.

At the end, he said, “the Pandemic and the PRC’s Wolf Warrior Diplomacy have dragged the CCP into a very difficult and isolated situation. This will result in a slow decoupling process with the West. Many countries will have important elections coming up. Most importantly, he predicts that the CCP will be definitely gone next year.

Adapted from Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on May 5th, 2021 and Mr. Miles Guo’s Latest Revelation on May 8th(Host: Angela, Clio, Linda, and TCC)

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