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On 25th last month, Lianhua Mountain Quay in Guangzhou area, Public Security officers and others, organized by the local government of Shilou Town carried out a “special action of rectifying” under the cover of so-called “nationwide joint action against illegal motorbikes”. Out of sheer rudeness and arrogance, the officers confiscated the villagers’ motorbikes parking at the quayside or outside of their houses in the process of law enforcement without any notification. That provoked outrage among the villagers. They came forward one after another, seized their motorbikes back and drove away.

People may be confused by the frequency of special actions of rectifying, which are wrapped up in different names under CCP’s regime. Why can’t the law play a role in governing society? Is CCP’s law that faint and full of loopholes? If the riot of society and the chaos of traffic arise out of motorbikes and electric bicycles, then, who allowed pouring them into market at the very beginning? Behind all these phenomena, it boils down to a simple plot that different levels of governments are taking advantage of administrative orders to pocket the wealth of the general populace. The CCP’s attitude of always treating the people as criminals has made people’s anger deeply buried in hearts for a long time. They’ve played the game for too long, and Chinese people have been waken up to the trick. As the regime goes crazy, presumptuous and unbridled, the CCP who never admits guilt, is bound to fall into the abyss of its eternal political rightness, and never would it have a chance to see the day.

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