[Headline News] Shooting in Times Square New York – Gunman Still at Large

Translated By: MOS Finance Group – Hetangyuese

In the afternoon on May 8, a netizen nicknamed @RockyJuniorJon4 posted a message on Twitter: “A shooting incident occurred in Times Square” and a surveillance video of the bustling area of Times Square. In the first three seconds of the video, in a scene busy with traffic and pedestrians, three gunshots suddenly sounded. Within ten seconds, the crowd in the distance began to scream and ran towards the camera. There seemed to be another gunshot in the 42nd second. At about 54s of the video, two police cars arrived at the scene and the police ran towards the shooting.

Police sources told the New York Post that a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were shot in Times Square on the night of Saturday, May 8. The gunfire broke out at the junction of West 44th Street and Seventh Avenue before 5 pm EST. Sources from law enforcement said that the two people were rushed to Bellevue Hospital for treatment and that the woman was hit in the leg and the child was hit in the upper body. Their status is currently stable and both are expected to survive. After the chaotic incident, the streets around Times Square were blocked.

Sakho Khadim described hearing two gunshots and seeing a child bleeding. “The police hugged the child tightly and drove him to the ambulance,” Khadim said. “Mother was crying”, she said “I’m fine,” then she gestured to the police with her thumb. Ciro Lova, who was at McDonald’s at the time, said that he heard three gunshots and then saw a woman who appeared to be in her 20s lying on the ground. He said, “She was crying for help.” Jesse Singh said that he was trying to deliver pizza near a Rayban store and heard screams but no gunshots and people started running.

The New York police subsequently released this picture of the suspect in connection with the Times Square shooting, but the police have not released more information.

In response to this incident, another netizen, John Cardiro, commented on Twitter, “New York Mayor De Blasio has turned New York City back into the murderous 1980s and invited gangsters into the city.” According to the city-wide crime data released by the Police Department in April 2021, the overall number of crimes in New York City increased by 30.4% compared with the same period last year (see the table below for details). Among them, grand larceny increased by 66.1%, felony assault increased by 35.6% compared with April 2020, robberies increased by 28.6%, while shootings increased by 166.1%; burglary was the only crime that saw a decline compared with the previous year. This shows that the security situation in New York City is indeed worrying!

Case TypeApril 2021April 2020Change
Grand Larceny2,6591,601+66.1%
Felony Assault1,6301,202+35.6%
Shooting Incidents14956+166.1

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