[Commentary]European Crisis IV: The Plan to Eliminate “the Caucasian Race”

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During a live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo utilized the Indian Movie “The White Tiger” to expose the CCP’s “Elimination of the Caucasian Race” plan. The bioweapon unrestricted warfare launched by the CCP is the beginning of the “Elimination of the Caucasian Race” plan(also known as “Elimination of the White” Plan), which is the core of the “13579” Plan, and the darkest goal of the Pandora’s Box as well. This article expands this topic, exposing another evil plan through discussion of the Crisis in Europe. The “White” in this article refers to white people of European descent.  (The Elimination of the white discussed in this article was related to the high birth rate, cultural and religious infiltration, and extreme terrorist activities of Muslims. )

In the highest realm of “the art of the sword” mentioned in “The Qin General Stabbed by Jing Ke,” the stealthy warrior seeks to attack with no sword in hand and no sword in the heart. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War speaking of the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Both concepts cultivate great ambitions/the Good Heart. It is a blessing that such a method is mastered by the good, otherwise, it will be a disaster if it is used by evil. The greatest destructive power of war is not to destroy each other’s forces, but to destroy the free will of the People,  (and vice versa, the most powerful force is not weapons, but the free will of the people), which is one of the strategies of unrestricted warfare. The current Unrestricted Warfare came from communism, as well as from Muslims of radical Islam. Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis. The ultimate goal of this crisis is to destroy the free will of man, to eliminate the “white.”

Europe faces internal and external crossfire/attacks: There is a large-scale/massive influx of Muslim immigrants from outside, meanwhile there is a sharp decline of the birth rate from inside. This is a terrible situation. There are thousands of refugees entering Europe daily.  The average fertility rate in Europe is less than 1.2 (The normal birth rate is 2.1.), while the Muslim fertility rate in Europe is as high as 3.5. Nevertheless, Europe reveals the weakness towards Muslim culture that even the word “Muslim” has become so sensitive in public. Moreover, due to the concerns that the British cross flag would remind Muslims of the Crusades, raising the British flag was canceled as a compromise. Non-Muslim women in Muslim areas wear face towels as a sign of respect for the cultural assimilation of Muslim culture. European concern: Europe is being Muslimized.

This photo is from the Internet: Welcome to Paristan

Data and apocalyptic prophecies spread by organizations controlled by powerful families make intellectuals reluctant to have children, while people at lower cultural levels love to have more children.  In the EU the population under 15 is roughly 15%, but in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan the same age group of under 15 is 40% or more. The countries with the highest birth rates in the world today include Niger (7.46), Mali (7.42), Somalia (6.76), Afghanistan (6.69) and Yemen (6.58). The population invasion of Muslims has easily made it “to win without launching a war” in Europe. And What follows is that the Europe’s multiculturalism becomes its mainstream cultural identity. This is a very dangerous signal. According to a British survey, 26 % of British Muslims say they will not be loyal to the UK, 40% support replacing British law with Sharia law, and 13% support terrorist activities. All over the world, there are over one billion Muslims joining “Islamic Consultative Assembly.”The Muslims is practicing the new century unrestricted warfare as well as the Chinese Communist Party.

The world’s 13 wealthiest families and elite groups control numerous committees, clubs, associations, charitable organizations, foundations, international organizations, etc. Every year they release a lot of information and data, and those who pay attention will find that most of this information is related to worldwide crises, such as energy shortage, climate changes, etc. And in the end, they are pushing the notion of big government for a solution.

The United States has the world’s most powerful and advanced military force. The high military expenditure helped the world’s high-welfare nations saving money for social welfare. Ironically the number of Europeans hating Americans is on the rise. People in Europe are becoming more dependent on the government. The birth rate of European descent is getting lower, and aging is getting worse. In another 20 years, pension spending will collapse European governments. A high-welfare social system will make life difficult for future generations, and with the collapse of pension funds, the welfare social system will collapse.

The increase of Muslim immigration, the change in the proportion of the population structure, and the infiltration of culture and religion will directly affect the change of the political landscape. Who will win, if there is a civil war in Europe?  In fact, the civil war has been going on, look at Europe’s growing violence, coupled with the assistance of the CCP virus, the people, the country are on the verge of collapse. VOCAL Europe reported in 2015 that The EU is like a Family, however, if you step inside the EU house, you see that everything is falling apart. “This is the Big Government, the undemocratic centralization of power in the EU structure is destroying Europe’s “natural ecology”.

Behold, Europe, you brought Babylon in, you reserve the altar of Zeus for the devil, you literally established a New Rome (TEEC). Can you see that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on their way?

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