[Opinion]Why Communist China is Banning Cryptocurrency

By MOS Gospel Group Jeffery Ocampo

China CITIC Bank, the seventh-largest lender in communist China, announced to its clients on May 7, 2021, both top up and withdrawal of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies will be blocked via their bank accounts. It is indicated on the announcement that the decision was made to  “avoid the risk of money laundering and for the safety of the fiat currency China Yuan”. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party(the CCP) worries much these days that the cryptocurrency will put its dictatorship in danger in China.

Though most of us still not consider the cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, as real currencies yet, it seems that they will be really our fiat currencies soon in the near future, as more and more countries have started to develop their own digital currencies already.

Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP), or China’s digital Yuan, is developed by the CCP, and it has been under trials already in some of the cities in China. The evil CCP is even trying to set a standard to the world for the digital currencies as fast as they can, challenging all the current fiat currencies, especially the US dollar, so that it can enslave all the people around the world.

The DCEP is not the same like the decentralized bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, instead it is a centralized one. Simply put, whenever you want to spend your DCEP, you have to get the consent of the CCP first. They can get all your money away from your account whenever they want for no reasons. It may be a little bit hard for western world to understand why your money is not yours any more, but all the Chinese citizens are already living in such a country of dictatorship. I am sure no one from other countries will even dare to try such a future currency or DCEP.

With the exposure of the CCP-made SARS-Cov-2 and how it was released to the world as unrestricted bioweapon, communist China surely will collapse in the near future. At the meantime, more and more Chinese realized that the CCP is aggressively controlling everything, especially people’s money. Chinese cannot buy or remit foreign currency freely in their home country because of the China Foreign Exchange Regulations. One can only buy no more than 50,000 USD a year.

In fact, you have to submit lots of requirements to the banks owned by the CCP. And most of the times, in the end, you might still get nothing, especially during the pandemic. It’s extremely challenging for you to provide them with those “requirements”, e.g. a valid tourist visa, confirmed flight ticket, etc., since many of the countries are still closing their borders to tourists. They are trying to move their life-time savings out of communist China, just like those Hongkongers who fled from their beloved home with their money to the free western countries. Cryptocurrencies definitely will be one of the most important way to keep their money safe.

Himalaya Exchange, which aims to trade anywhere, anytime with its borderless, inclusive and secure cryptocurrency,  recently announced that “the initial offering of Himalaya Coin (HCN) is being conducted on a private placement basis, by invitation only, and will not be available to all members of the public.”

The HCN will be a hope for all the suppressed Chinese to keep their money safe, and it may be a cryptocurrency used widely in the world later on,  as announced on its website “Himalaya Exchange is the world’s first true crypto ecosystem”. It is known by many of the Chinese, because of the Whistle Blower Movement (WBM) led by Miles Kwok and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) which was established on last June 4, 2020.

The WBM, the NFSC and their members have already been fighting for the freedom of Chinese people continuously for years. They warned the world there would be an Covid-19 outbreak as early as Jan. 19, 2020 via their YouTube channel Lude Media. Miles Kwok is one of the most important contributors to establish Himalaya Exchange. These people are not only fighting for the freedom of the Chinese, but also fighting against the CCP to win the biological war for the whole world.

The CCP is quite frightened that more Chinese will move their money out of the country to Himalaya Exchange or even other cryptocurrency exchanges. That is why their banks blocked the transactions of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Let’s say HCN is the most important one among others.

Smart money always moves for safety and profit. Just like smart people migrates for freedom and better life. No one likes to leave their money unsafe in communist China. Though most of the cryptocurrencies look like Tulip mania more in the seventeenth century, borderless, inclusive and secure cryptocurrencies like HCN will completely change the world in the future. With more and more money fleeing from communist China, it will surely collapse soon. The money moved by cryptocurrencies will contribute to the death sentence of the CCP.  

Editor: Xiaoxin

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