【Lude】Everything the US has been Doing is Following the International Rules

Video Extraction:  Himalaya Taiwan – Wende
Chinese Subtitles: Himalaya LA – Yushangxiqiaoke
Translator: Himalaya LA – Arthur
Proofread: Himalaya – Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:  Himalaya –  xxts


Everything the US has been doing is following the international rules, including the virus issue. First, they have WHO work on it, if not effective in the first try. They will try for the second time. This is because there are rules for this. The third step will be like what happened to Iraq, Saddam Hussein and give you a certain amount of hours or certain number of days. If you don’t open it up, then it will be step four. Right, this is a series of international rules, or laws.

In the court, if you don’t follow certain court orders, then, the following steps will happen. This is international rules. Do you understand this? Wang WENBING, not be like a scumbag. This is the foundation, not some UN constitution or international law. Only the rules you want to follow is considered international rules. You were not following the rules. I can assure you. What you did does not comply with the rules. Against the rules is an action of disobey of the rules. That was against the rules. Don’t you understand, just like soccer. We refuse to collaborate with you guys. I was just running my rules. You were totally disregarding the rules. Then, you were violating the rules and trying bribe the judges.

That might be your rule but not international rules. You can talk about this, right?  You can also try to convince all the audience to accept your way of doing things. But, before you step into the court, you need to sign the paperwork, right? Unless you are playing without restrictions. If you going to play in NBA games. Every player has to sign the agreement. If you get injured, you need to step down, because people are concerned. That is the agreement. You cannot say that was fine with you and keep playing, right? The rule says you cannot go to the court. You are in this rule of the US. After World War II, US set international rules for everyone. You also signed in. WTO also includes all sort of UN rules and you signed the deal. You have to honor it.

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