Happy Monther’s Day

Author: Jin Wang Editor : Isabella

Mother’s Day

This day today

What shall I do

What will I say…

To the mother who

I owe much to

My Love

My Respect

And never-ending Gratitude

She brought me in

And raised me up

Did all things with

Her perfect touch

She whispered in

My tiny ears

All the little things

I needed to hear

And even though you may not see all that she feels

Within the softness of her heart

There’s no limits to the vastness of 

Her beauty, her warmth and endless grace

As she’s always there to comfort your fears

And wash away your weary tears

So don’t you cry

Now don’t you doubt

She’s here to stay

To help you out

And in not too long

You’ll fall asleep

With all her dreams

Forever to cherish

Forever to keep

You, her child

Born of Innocence

Born of Love 

Must thank our Maker

God above

For surely He must

Love you too

For your Mother is living proof 

Of His creation in and through you

Mother to child

A lifelong friend

You would have picked no other

A Love that will never dim or lose its way

Whether near or far she’s always there

A Light that eternally shines from morning

Till the end of each unforgettable day

Within the gifts and blessings of

A Mother’s touch

Wishing you a Very Beautiful & Happy Mother’s Day 🌹🥰

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1 month ago

big typo on the headline – “Happy Monther’s Day”