American Navy Claims That Their Most Recent Break Through Can Alter Reality

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Soon after Tesla’s death, the National Security and Technology Development Committee, electronic engineer John Trump was assigned to study Tesla’s papers. What is interesting is that he is also the uncle of President Donald Trump. After only 3 days, John gave the conclusion that most of Tesla’s research was only on the level of conjecture and did not realize the method.

But the strange thing is that we were told after the investigation is that Tesla’s paper mysteriously disappeared. But his legacy, his project is actually still going on quietly. The Tesla ray plan, sponsored by the army, has been declassified. But a more interesting phenomenon than Tesla’s rays is the system of object rotation.

Rotation, although all objects from the large to the universe, to the small to the electrons, are rotating all the time, but no official papers related to the science of rotation have been published. However, there are many scattered clues in this world that point to some mainstream governments that have been secretly studying the science of rotation since World War II. They call the science of rotation: “Hyper dimensional Physics”, or called “Torsion Physics”.

Bruce Depalma’s spinning iron ball experiment in 1977 was a very simple experiment, and it could be imitated by anyone. The content of the experiment is that two iron balls are projected into the air by the same force. One of them rotates, the other does not rotate. An iron ball that rotates consistently flies higher and landed faster than the iron ball that does not rotate. This phenomenon indirectly violates Newtonian mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Modern science does not include such phenomena.

A top secret called a Nazi bell is said to be composed of two cylinders rotating in opposite directions to produce the anti-gravity effect which is similar to UFO. Now the U.S. Navy seems ready to disclose the results of this research. They claim that this invention can change the structure of reality.

The mysterious Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais published 4 patents signed by the US Navy. These technologies are very similar to what we usually call UFO unknown objects. They all operate by absorbing the energy generated when the electromagnetic field rotates.

These patented products are very similar to the UFO-like technology developed by weapon manufacturers such as Lucy Martin Skunk Works as described by the whistleblower. There are even more whistleblowers who believe that these technologies and UFO flying objects may be used to trigger a man-made alien invasion.

Let’s get to know Dr. Pace. Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais serves as a scientist, aerospace engineer and inventor at the US Naval Air Station. The patent application he filed on behalf of his employer has attracted international attention because of his future technology and potential military and energy production applications.

His patent applications include:

A room temperature superconductor with piezoelectric effect, which has the function of “transmitting power without loss”.

The “plasma compression fusion device” is described by Popular Mechanics as a “compact nuclear fusion reactor”, which “seems to extend the limits of science.”

“Electromagnetic field generator and method of generating electromagnetic field”, its main application is to deflect asteroids that may hit the earth. The patent has been assigned to the Secretary of the Navy.

A kind of “aircraft using inertial mass reduction device”, one of the examples may be a high-speed “hybrid aviation/submarine aircraft” with a changed realistic structure. The chief technology officer of a naval aviation company cited the Chinese military as an example. As a result, it provided support for its patent application.

After a long period of secret blockade and misleading, why did they announce this secret to the society at this time? The US Navy Technology Chairman believes that the US military needs these patents because the CCP is also secretly studying this technology. Perhaps the United States has pushed these technologies to the center to prepare for a confrontation with the CCP in the space age?

We do not yet know the real reason, but we can conclude that we should not worry about energy depletion in the future.

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