Local Government’s Anti-CoronaVirus Discipline Leaked

Translator: VOG-TheMandarin

Xian Tao City Health and Protection Committee 

Notice on reiterating relevant Incentives during epidemic prevention and control 

All Medical and health units and departments of the commission: 

At this critical and unusual time of epidemic prevention and control, a few employees within the city’s health and protection systems are disobeying our rules, they published insider information to their worker’s group on the internet, they discussed the epidemic and published untrue information, which let to their personal information being leaked, triggered uneasy emotions on the internet and bring negative impact to society. Thus, in order to strengthen our disciplines during epidemic prevention, we have made the following announcements: 

  1. Absolutely forbids taking pictures of any work documents and upload them to QQ, WeChat groups. If documents need to be sent due to work, they must be encrypted first and then send out. 
  2. Absolutely forbids anyone from discussing the epidemic with any groups or express a personal opinion. Instead, employees should use the QQ and WeChat group to spread official knowledge, and guide the people around you to correctly understand and prevent this epidemic. 
  3. Absolutely forbids forwarding, spreading any information regarding the epidemic that has not been officially approved. Do not make rumors. Do not believe in rumors and do not spread rumors. 
  4. Absolutely forbids anyone accepting phone calls, live interviews, we need to prevent any none law-abiding citizens that try to dig out inside information for creating malicious hype. 

Anyone who breaks the rules above will receive harsh punishment, if the results are serious, the lead person of the unit will have to take responsibilities also. 

Xiantao City Health Committee

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Feb. 20, 2020