Behind the Chinese government’s “Citizen Heros” propaganda, the inescapable reality

“What is happening now is caused by economic pressure.” “Am I afraid? Of course I do. I am afraid to see my wife. I am also afraid to visit my parents and my son in my hometown. However, if I don’t work, I will be losing 130 Yuan everyday.”

Currently, China has already locked down more than 80 cities due to the spread of coronavirus. As the citizens’ freedom of movement got restricted, food delivery drivers, peer to peer ride-sharing drivers, and civil servants, become crucial in people’s life. They are famed as  “Citizen Heros” on Chinese media, “providing sunshine, warmth and protection in the journey of epidemic prevention and control.”

However, these “heroes” are actually full of helplessness. Many of them are from the countryside. They usually carry huge burdens from rents and mortgages and normally are the main source of income for the family. This is the real reason why they became “heroes” in people’s eyes during the epidemic. 

They are risking their lives to work without proper epidemic prevention supplies. A delivery man lamented: “Everyone is making money with their lives!”

Source: The Reporter

Contributor: GM02

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