[Headline News] Jair Bolsonaro: Coronavirus is a ‘Biological Warfare’

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On May 7, Fox News reported that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said the term “It’s a new virus,” during a speech at Planalto Palace on May 5. “But the military knows all about chemical, biological, and radiological warfare. Could we be fighting a new war? I wonder which country’s GDP has grown the most?” He was likely alluding to China, the only G-20 economy that expanded its GDP by 2.3% last year.

Typically Bolsonaro hinted that COVID-19 was created in a lab as part of biological warfare initiated by the CCP. This has surprised some observers and caused an international stir as the man-made theory was struck down last month in a World Health Organization study stating that a leak from a laboratory was “extremely unlikely.” This statement should be an unconquerable challenge to the WHO as more and more evidence and scientists publishing facts appointing that the virus was man-made. 

The sudden change of Bolsonaro’s attitude towards the CCP shocked the CCP authorities. And this may cause significant tension between Brazil and CCP controlled China, as China is allegedly Brazil’s largest trading partner and the major vaccine provider. As in the past, Bolsonaro has taken controversial stances on the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic that even the Lancet last year labeled Bolsonaro as the “biggest threat” to Brazil’s pandemic response. He has usually downplayed the severity of the COVID pandemic, warred with governors over restrictions, and encouraged his citizens to defy lockdown orders, even suggesting he might “commit a crime” and host a party, but at times speak out and be critical of China.

Brazil is the third-hardest hit nation in the world, just behind the USA and India. As cases surge in Brazil, it has reportedly seen around 3,000 deaths a day during the 2nd wave of the pandemic — that is — around 73,000 new cases per day.

The Brazilian President waked the country after G7, where COVID-19 was one of the hottest topics, tried to get out of the CCP vaccine trap. Jair Bolsonaro is the first President to directly confront the CCP for the truth of COVID-19 origin. 

Following Bolsonaro, we will see more and more politicians and countries join and fight in this unrestricted biology warfare against the CCP!

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