Anthony Fauci and the Hidden Secrets of Gain of Function

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

Dr. Fauci and the Obama administration carried out dangerous Gain of Function experiments and invested US$3.7 million in the Wuhan laboratory in China for research on bat coronavirus.

Gain-of-function (GOF) research is an experiment to intentionally directly increase the spread and/or virulence of pathogens. Such experiments must be conducted by responsible scientists.

Because Gain-of-function usually enhance disease-causing pathogens, scientists can predict their interaction with the human host and predict its potential to cause a pandemic.

Dr. Francis Boyle is the author of the Biological Counter-Terrorism Weapons Act. He believed that the new COVID virus is an offensive biological and chemical weapon as early as 2020.

But the mainstream media didn’t mention it, they treated it as just a conspiracy theory.

Moreover, the mainstream media spared no effort to protect Fauci, treating him as a hero who saved mankind from the CCP virus. At the time, the mainstream media protected Fauci for 90% of the reason it was against President Trump.

Today, in an interview with Josh Rogan, Josh Rogan revealed the fact that Fauci had restarted the Gain of Function study without the knowledge of the Trump administration.

Josh Rogan is an American journalist who serves as a foreign policy columnist in the “Global Opinion” section of The Washington Post. He is also a political analyst for CNN.

Josh can be said to belong to the mainstream media camp controlled by the left. In other words, he broke the news this time without political factors.

He first publicized his own support for the theory of the virus flowing out of the Wuhan laboratory. There are three reasons behind his opinion.

  1. Wuhan laboratory was conducting such an experiment at the first place.
  2. Wuhan laboratory was discovered attempting to bury the evidence.
  3. The virus database “accidentally” went offline in December 2019.

These three points of evidence are sufficient to prove that the Wuhan laboratory has created the new coronavirus. The new coronavirus was not randomly generated in a wet market 20 miles away from the Wuhan laboratory.

He also quoted a speech by Robert Redfield, former Secretary of the CDC. During the interview, Robert Redfield mentioned his views on the new COVID virus. He believes that it is very powerful and undoubtedly evolved in a laboratory environment. He also pointed to the connection between Gain of Function research and this virus.

He believes that the reason why few scientists object to Fauci’s functional enhancement experiment is because Fauci is the chairman of the National Health Institute, which means that as long as you accept funding under the name of the National Health Institute, you have a 99.99% probability to receive funding for Fauci himself. Therefore, scientists have no motivation to oppose this research.

Josh told Rogan that Anthony Fauci had discussed restarting functional gains with a technology department in the White House, but the White House suspended the research at the time. So, he bypassed the suspension. These details are not particularly clear. But the unquestionable fact is that President Trump’s team did not know about this, and President Trump’s team did not know that he restarted the research. He took advantage of the chaos in the Trump administration and restarted the research. Josh believes that as long as you know how to operate the government, you can get what you want, especially when targeting Trump, a “political novice”.

Insightful, cleaver, and capable reporters in the mainstream media have now reached an agreement with the American right wing on the origin of the virus. The virus came from a Wuhan laboratory controlled by the CCP. In the future, more left-wing forces in the United States will surely join in debunking the lies of the CCP.

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