[Headline News] Nabela Qoser Will Leave RTHK at the End of May After Her Contract is Not Renewed

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According to a May 3rd report by STANDNEWS, the RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) Program Staff Union has been confirmed that television department staff member, Nabela Qoser will not have her contract renewed, cannot officially become a civil servant, and will leave RTHK at the end of this month.

Nabela Qoser, File photo from RTHK

Nabela Qoser, a Hong Kong native of Pakistani descent, joined RTHK in 2017 and is currently the Assistant Program Director of RTHK and host of RTHK TV’s program “Viewpoint 31.”

Originally, her employment contract could be converted to a civil service contract after a three-year probationary period, but in mid-January this year, RTHK management terminated her civil service probationary contract. The RTHK Program Staff Union said that at the time the management had offered her a new 120-day employment contract on the grounds that the investigation had not been completed. Nabela Qoser had signed the contract at the time. The new probationary contract was scheduled to expire on the 30th of this month.  But RTHK had earlier informed Nabela Qoser that she would have to leave RTHK after the new probationary contract was expired.

Looking through her educational background and work experience, Nabela Qoser is a very professional, experienced journalist and media expert. Why would she suffer such treatment? We may find some answers from what she did during 2019, “Anti-China Campaign.” 

During the “Anti-China Campaign,” Nabela Qoser repeatedly asked sharp questions at government press conferences, including asking Chief Executive, Carrie Lam to, “speak human language,” and questioning the police’s inaction with the suspicion of, “black cooperation between the government and the police.”  The questions were poignant, so she was supported and praised by some media and netizens and was hailed as a “conscientious journalist.” But at the same time, it also aroused the discontent of some people who held the opposite view and sent a letter to RTHK to complain. But after investigation, it was ruled that “the complaint was not substantiated.” However, at the end of September 2020, management abruptly indicated to Nabela Qoser that they would reopen an investigation concerning her performance and conduct in-attending government press conferences between July and November 2019. Management, subsequently, extended her probationary period to 120 days.

Nabela Qoser, File photo from RTHK

The RTHK Program Staff Union questioned the basis for this extension of the probationary period and criticized RTHK’s investigation of Nabela Qoser as a black-box operation. RTHK replied that as a government department, it handles staff appointment arrangements in accordance with established mechanisms and procedures (including the established guidelines of the Civil Service Bureau and the Civil Service Regulations) and does not comment on individual cases.

There is an old Chinese saying: How can there be a perfect egg under a broken nest? Since Hong Kong was taken over by the Chinese Communist Party and “One Country, One System,” was implemented, there is no difference between Hong Kong and mainland China; there is no democracy, no rule of law, and no freedom of speech. The sacking of Nabela Qoser by RTHK is just a warning to those conscientious, media reporters. From this, we can see how the Chinese Communist Party completely interferes with judicial independence and freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

As long as the Chinese Communist Party rules Hong Kong, there will be many more righteous people who will be treated unjustly. Incidents like Nabela Qoser’s will happen again and again.

Resource: https://www.thestandnews.com/politics/

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