[Opinion]The Progressive Indoctrination of School Children in the US

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Indoctrinating children with political ideology is not a new idea.  It has been an important and foundational strategy of the left for many years.  If you study history, you will find that this strategy was employed in the Soviet Union by the Communist Party, in Nazi Germany and in Chinese Communist Party by Mao during the “Cultural Revolution”, all to great effect.  It has been going on in the United States for the past few decades at the University level of education. Universities have become bastions of left wing thought and action with little opportunity for dissenting voices to be heard.

Recently it is becoming more and more apparent that this strategy has been applied to earlier educational institutions, even the elementary level of schools in the U.S.  Fortunately parents have recognized these efforts and they are beginning to forcefully push back. The most recent push has been related to so-called “Critical Race Theory”. Several other elements of the curriculum, such as sexual orientation, transgender issues and religious issues, just to name a few, have also taken root.  Recently there have been articles related to parents in several parts of the country challenging this ideology being pushed in schools including New York, California, Texas and Virginia.

In addition to parents taking on school districts at a local level, a number of national efforts have formed: from a group dedicated to developing a centralized data base system to share information, all the way to national advocacy groups. While most of these groups are in their infancy, they are developing rapidly and growing very quickly. 

People can have a healthy debate about what school children should be taught. However, it is undeniable that political ideology and intolerance should never be allowed to invade our educational institutions. Parents across the country are paying attention to those issues and becoming more and more active in making a good decision for their children’s education. 

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