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If the 90 million party members have some brains, they must let their families donate money to the rule of law foundation or the rule of law society. This would be proof that their families support the rule of law and freedom of belief in China. This would definitely be a life saver for them, let’s wait and see.

— Miles Guo April 2, 2020

The core foundation of business is the management system, the core foundation of managing a country is the need to pursue rule of law. Without the rule of law, a country will lose control, descend into chaos, and lose fairness.

— Miles Guo October 5, 2019

The essence of the Whistleblower Movement! To destroy the Communist Party. Common sense dictates that it cannot be centered on profit, and absolutely not on ego, celebrity or power.

— Miles Guo January 20, 2020

Only the truth is unbreakable, it is a Buddhist ideal. If you have great wisdom and understanding to follow this ideal, you then have protection from the universe against a variety of evil.

— Miles Guo February 12, 2020

According to the manifesto of our New Federal States of China, we want everyone to elevate themselves, put aside their ego, not to sell their soul just to make a dime. Those of us who are alive – with our compatriots in Hong Kong as our role model – if we emulate them then we Chinese as a race have no problem.

— Miles Guo July 4, 2020

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