Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on May 5th, 2021


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Editor: MOS Himalaya 369 Wenju

Translated by Himalaya Melbourne Athena Farm Janyvo

Proofread by Himalaya Melbourne Athena Farm  Zhishi

  1. Today I will fulfill the promise I made to sister Gu, we know each other for many years but without keeping much contact.  She is from Shenfang.  She started watching the Whistleblowers’ Movement’s broadcasts two years ago, and now she already resides abroad.  Lately, her feedback is that my live broadcast has been too rushed.  Today, I will make her wish my command.  I will speak as long as I can to address all your questions.
  2.  Himalaya Dollar was not named by me.  About H Coin, once it goes public, the quota you subscribed through the farm would be gone as you can only trade in the market.  For those who couldn’t yet see their quote in the system, do not worry too much.  We do not need people to go onto the street in order to take down the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), just sit at home and wait, no need to rush.  With H Coin, H Federal Reserve we no longer need to ask anyone any favor.  People have underestimated the impact of our Himalaya financial system.
  3.  In mainland China, the pandemic situation is terrible.  No accurate information is ever being made available.  The vaccine has so many side effects that it is a product of class struggle.  The poor people suffer a high mortality rate, but not the wealthy ones.  Many were buried on the spot, buried with  toxic medication immediately on the spot.  Hydroxychloroquine sulfate (HCQ) is a very good drug.  My mother-in-law used to always take this drug for her rheumatism.  I was responsible to secure the supply until her passing.  There were no side effects.  The CCP studied HCQ in 1996 and deemed it as a material for strategic use.  HCQ is related to the CCP virus, so we must take it as prescribed, it is effective.  As for the vaccination, one is a cure for the disease and the other is a cure for the heart.  Many believed that if you get the vaccine you will not be infected, but it is quite the opposite.  Both of my primary care doctors attempted to convince me to get vaccinated, saying that it would enhance Immunoprevention and immunity.  I firmly opposed it.  No one believes that the government would give you a vaccine that doesn’t work or even kills you.  But the truth of the matter is that people who got the vaccine either didn’t work or died.  Governments are killing people, including democratic governments, and the vaccine is just a way to evade their responsibility.  Initially, these governments should have confronted the CCP for the antidote but none of them dared to.  They didn’t want to deal with such pressure or solve the problem.  They just wanted to give you the vaccine to sidestep the issue.  These governments never openly discussed HCQ or the origins of the virus, much less the death figures.  Meanwhile, they are happy making easy money pushing for vaccines across the board.  The last thing you should trust is the government.
  4.  We pushed a lot of our fellow fighters towards the frontline, allowing them to broaden their exposures and enhance their capability.  We want to build the future pillars and forces of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).  There are also many crooks in America.  The drone company we were planning to engage has just been proven to be a crook.  Currently, the capability of our fellow fighters on the frontlines still falls short of the standards required to accomplish our missions.   Nonetheless, I, Miles, have been long prepared, at least four backup plans up my sleeve.
  5.  No army is truly fighting for justice.  It is for brainwashing and profit. There will be no army in the NFSC.  When we are part of the worldwide financial system in the future, all the armies of the world serve us, and none of them dare to touch us.  Soldiers are afraid of death.  So the military has been conducting studies on how to make the soldiers impulsive, and hence drugs were all developed by the military.   Soldiers are the saddest human beings in the world. The greatest thing about America is that with its US dollar and the financial system, no one in the world dares to start another world war, and that resulted in an increase of life expectancy from the previous forty-to-fifty to today’s seventy-to-eighty.
  6.  I, Miles, used to take revenge on things, but these days, I am in pursuit of righteousness, and I believe that strengthening yourself is the greatest punishment for your enemies.  Just a single individual like Elon Musk has changed the entire automobile sector, moved the direction of space development, transformed the way of human communication.  What 200 countries did not manage to do, Musk alone has accomplished.  The most controversial figures in society today are Elon Musk and Trump, and the most talked-about topics at G7 were Dr. Li-meng Yan, and the Lude Media, then followed by Elon Musk.
  7.  I used to do business under Huamao Electronics Trading Group, using that state-owned enterprise as a vehicle.  Later on, joint ventures became popular.  After I was released from the Qingfeng Prison, I established the Yuda Group joint venture.  The CCP now wants to kill all the chickens in order to acquire all the eggs.  Meng Huiqing of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was the director of the eighth-division before he was arrested; and Yao Zengke, also a killer-level official, later surprisingly entered Xi Jinping’s inner-core circle.  Communism cannot share benefits with you, its nature is that the Party leads everything.  The CCP would not tolerate private enterprises to indulge in wealth, but only to use them to acquire overseas resources, and eventually to nationalize them.Under socialism, besides state assets, there can be no private market.  In the absence of rule of law, free markets are just hooligans playing monopolies.  The sad thing is that the Chinese are willing to be cheated, so pathetically sad!  The CCP’s propaganda that socialism can have a market is a total lie, and now all lies are exposed.  A capitalist society is a free market and if problems exist they will manifest themselves, whereas, under the CCP’s economy, problems will not be identified even if they arise.  A high degree of absolute political centralization,  absolute monopoly, and now the CCP’s banks began to go bankrupt, which means no more funds to be lent to China’s real estate and false financial sector, and no capital circulation.  The CCP’s economy will eventually collapse when the concentration reaches its highest point. 
  8. The overprinting of the US dollar is a real disaster.  Both poor people and rich people will be subject to higher taxes, and hence leading to the birth of the virtual currency.  America will be the biggest beneficiary of this industrial revolution, attracting the world’s elite to the US that is a federal Republic. During WWII, the US had the most powerful technology and talent and became a credit country, with the most profound law.  Our NFSC too will gather skill and talent, and become the most powerful among all.  The devaluation of the US dollar and overprinting of money throughout the world will inevitably lead people in search of safe harbor.  As such, H Dollar, H Currency, and H Federal Reserve will become the most ideal and viable choice.  We are borderless.  No one could explain this clearly because all countries have been using politics and the military to round up (circle) your money in a particular place. Many taxation measures are unreasonable, and wealth in any circle can be plundered.  Whereas cryptocurrency is outside the circle, free to transfer so people can be in control of their own wealth.  But Bitcoin is outside the legal framework, and a disaster to the US dollar so it will surely be cleaned up.  From this year onwards, the most powerful cryptocurrency system will be launched.  (1) it must be legal;  (2) it has the economic strength that others do not have; (3) it must be totally secure. Anti-hacking and anti-attack. E.g., H Coin, I will be responsible if you lose it; and (4) it has strong goals and institutional followers, and a payment system or commercial operating system.  I have H Coin, US Dollar, gold, it is impossible to be used as a tool for money laundering crime.  If you understand the concept of borderless, then you will understand the meaning of H Coin.
  9. Would there be a legal vacuum phase following the CCP’ demise?  The fellow fighter has a misperception and misjudgment about the CCP.  There are no tools to find the truth in communist China, everything online is fabricated.  Following the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the NFSC, would enable you to minimize potential losses.  The SEC is to exclude the VOG.   Whereas, GTV investment has not encountered any issue.  Please reach out to the farm.  No one can touch any of the previous money.  There will be no problem to continue investing.  No farm can delay anyone’s quota.   For immigration issues, please contact the relevant in-charge person directly, but you must be fellow fighters that have made significant contributions.
  10. You wouldn’t have pricing power when your money is circled in a certain place.  The pricing power of H Dollar is not in anyone’s hands.  It breaks down the monopoly, and later there will also be H Yen and H Pound.  There are no threats or restrictions from banks, transactions cannot be altered, or stolen.  H Dollar account is borderless like a space account.  Cryptocurrency can not be taken by anyone, payments are borderless and almost spiritualized.
  11. The Whitepaper Report on the CCP-Virus is ready to be issued by the US soon.  The outcome of that will inevitably result in decoupling or declaration of war on the CCP.  In 2022, the results of the US elections will come out and the impact will be beyond anyone’s imagination.  Amid the crisis and opportunities created, America will only become stronger.  After experiencing political humiliation, the US will release that Whitepaper Report.  The US will take down the CCP only when it has no choice left.  Biden is the most likely one to give the CCP a break.  It is not Biden who wanted to decouple.  President Trump will never make any deal with the CCP again and definitely choose to decouple.   Pompeo is the one who will not decouple nor allow the CCP to have any chance to breathe.  The NFSC is the most important force to make America great again and at the same time one of the key forces to push America forward in taking down the CCP.  Whereas for the reason of the CCP-virus, Europe, India, Japan, Australia, and Canada will engage in soft decoupling (known as isolation diplomacy) with the CCP.
  12. 2022 will be a very difficult year for the CCP, and the CCP can’t survive beyond the bottom line of 2025.  The U.S. 2024 Presidential Election will draw a curtain, crushing the CCP entirely.  The CCP’s internal economy will collapse, the already depressed OEM sector will decline further; 70% of small and medium-sized enterprises will not have enough liquidity to survive by May 2022; the price of raw materials will rise sharply; the RMB currency will hold its position, the US dollar will depreciate, with no profit, no circulation, the CCP’s reliance on the domestic economy just cannot work.  The internal cost of the social-order-maintenance police force will exceed that of the military.  The CCP can only print a large amount of RMB to further plunder wealth from the people, and to divert internal tension by attacking Taiwan.  The ultimate fall of the CCP will most likely drag down the US, it is likely to give birth to a second empire you cannot imagine.  Due to the issues with the US dollar, two-party system, and also the pendulum effect which has become a double-key effect, the two-party race problem, and lack of understanding, the NFSC will be the most critical backbone for the US.
  13. Democracy and freedom are built by all the fellow fighters with their blood, and forgoing their wealth, and then by re-creating that wealth.  Establishing the NFSC is the future for China.  It cannot be achieved yet today, but it can be accomplished following the demise of the CCP.  Such is our pursuit and mission.  Anyone using these to make various demands at each farm is up to no good.  True that currently, the Global Alliance Committee (Abbr. Committee) has a lot of shortcomings, and needs everyone’s input to assist the Committee to grow.  The German Eagle is surely not a spy.  Claudia is a good person but clearly not capable of leading the German farm.  There was no such thing as investing two million dollars in Lude Media so I apologize to all the fellow fighters of the German farm who have been affected by this.  But under Western law, casual name-calling is certainly not part of democracy or freedom, and anyone that openly challenges or insults our fellow fighters can only be our enemies.  The Committee indeed mishandled this incident. Without my consent, firstly, no fellow fighters can be casually deemed as a spy, and secondly, no farm owner can be removed causally.The iron-blooded group must first of all be selfless and not let your emotions sway your judgment and possess an ironlike will.  I hope the Committee will establish its virtue and prestige based on credibility, and be a service institution, not based on authority.  The farms in Europe will be independent. Canada hopes that the amount of investment will be $17 billion.  Vancouver Yangfan Farm will be formed and a billion shares and a quota of 10 million H Dollars will be allocated to volunteer fellow fighters.  The farms have indeed been experiencing a lot of turbulence lately, but that’s an inevitable process.  The NFSC will become an establishment that is free from communist, and where there is rule-of-law, and it is an independent, with sovereignty belongs to the people, one-person-one-vote electoral state.  As for Burma, it will be over for politician Aung San Suu Kyi very soon.  Burma can only become better again after the CCP has been taken down.
  14. Provision of mortgage services requires a full banking license.  The GTV programs if compared horizontally in a historical sense, are all great.  To start with, they are brave enough to stand up against the odd.  We admire and are truly grateful for them producing their show.  We must purchase an island, hopefully in some state of a big country, where we hold independent judicial power.  Singapore’s  Lee Hsien Loong is a toy in the pocket of the CCP.  His health and judgment are both in big trouble.  Apple Store’s virtual coins cannot be directly transferred to H Coins.  The news of Bill Gates and his wife’s divorce is false, the key underlying reason is to secure physical health and wealth protection, they have long separated.  I have seen many people with enormous wealth, they doubt everything, and arrogant and in the end, they become loners.  The happiest thing in my life is to retreat from the ravine.  As of February 2, 2017, Miles (Wen Gui) has died.  I am the happiest at present.  The most pitiful people in this world are the ones with wealth, the most despicable people are the ones with authority.  The fellow fighters that have suffered from tea-invite  (being detained and interrogated) by the CCP’s authorities will be compensated by H Coins.
  15. The CCP  will arrest all those Hong Kong brothers and sisters that fought against them, and mandate vaccination across the board.  Please remember, fellow fighters, we want the truth to prevail, instead of more illness.  The quality of life in mainland China is extremely poor.  The cancer diagnosis rate has tripled, and all late-stage too upon the checkups.  The pressure in everyday life is immense, the money saved in the bank is not safe, you are being checked wherever you drive.  The fellow fighters outside the wall should really cherish what we have.

Taking down the CCP with CCP’s own virus, standing united in taking down the CCP, and seeking truth to accelerate the CCP’s demise.  Surely, we will experience a few storms along the way, but the world mainstream will stand together with us.  We are not into fancy empty formality so the NFSC’s one-year anniversary celebration will be a very low-key and pragmatic event.   Everything has already begun!

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