GTV Real Life Story: Interview with Grassroots Brother

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin

Different guests, different sparks, maybe tremendous collisions, or controversial discussions, all of which are undisguised displaying real people and telling real things. GTV real-life events ushered in the seventh phase.

Grassroots Brothers satisfied the audience’s curiosity through the exclusive exchange and showed his more vivid personality. As a result, he will also receive more adoration from his comrades-in-arms.

Grassroots Brother reinterpreted the definition of “grassroots.” Grassroots” is no longer the ordinary people who have no dignity, are trampled on under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, and live at the bottom of society only. Instead, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federation state of China, the grassroots is an ordinary and extraordinary person with a decent life, dignity, faith, and courage, showing the world the image of a new Chinese who has escaped from the rule of the Chinese Communist Party.

The following is the record of the exclusive interview with Grassroots Brother. I hope that the perspective of Grassroots Brother can bring you a new vision, new ideas, new beginnings, and support each other and grow together on the road to the destruction of the Communist Party.

Question 1: From the generosity of Grassroots Brother on rewards, the style he dresses, I feel that “Grassroots Brother” is not ordinary grassroots. Why are you called yourself “Grassroots Brother”?

Grassroots Brother: Mr. Guo also calls himself grassroots. Grassroots is a symbol of birth and class in China, indicate the children of ordinary, powerless families.

Question 2: I learned that you went from China to Osaka and then from Osaka to Tokyo. Could you share with us your thought on the movement plan?

Grassroots Brother: In fact, Japan is not my first choice for immigrants. The United States is the first choice, but the immigration queue is too long. I have business in Japan and friends. I am the fastest to go to Japan. The visa was easy to get and the easiest to settle down. At that time, after listening to Mr. Guo’s Whistleblower Movement, I felt that time was running out, and I was lucky to come to Japan. Unfortunately, one year after I arrived in Japan, the epidemic broke out, and it was impossible to go to Japan in 2020. I moved from Osaka to Tokyo for work reasons. Tokyo is the political, economic, cultural, legal, and technological center of Japan. For the development of the whole G series, there is more potential and support power for growth in Tokyo. At that time, I applied with Mr. Guo to relocate the Farm to Tokyo.

Question 3:  What do you think of the Chinese’s support for the Whistleblower Movement after you lived there so long?

What’s the different attitude between the Chinese in Osaka and Tokyo in their support towards Whistleblower Movement? What are your expectations for the future development of the Whistleblower Movement in Tokyo?

Grassroots Brother: There is no difference in their approach to supporting the Whistleblower Movement. The Chinese distribution in Japan is not as even as that in the United States, and it is more extreme in Japan. Although in terms of the total population, it may be that the people of Osaka are 10 million and that of Tokyo is about 20 million. The numbers of Chinese in Tokyo , maybe, ten times greater than that of Osaka. Unlike the various fields of American society scattered in cities, Japan is a relatively small country, such as economic and financial centers in New York, IT in Silicon Valley, film and television entertainment in Los Angeles. Because Japan is a tiny territory, almost all of its top industries and talents are in Tokyo. Osaka is mainly an industrial area with many factories.

Question 4: Mr. Guo once said that although Japan is small, it has a substantial population. It is a country that can develop millions or even tens of millions of Whistleblower Movement comrades-in-arms.

Japan has its geographical advantages and proximity to the continent. What is your plan for the future in the face of these advantages?

Grassroots Brother: Japan’s geographical advantage and strategic points can be second to none in Asia. Japan has U.S. military bases, including this guiding ideology, and arguably the leader in Asia in every aspect.

The most representative totalitarian country in Asia is the Chinese Communist Party, and the most representative democracy in Asia is Japan. Therefore, Japan can show what kind of achievements and society Asians can achieve once they go to democracy, and Communist china shows what type of society Asians will face once they go to totalitarianism. Thus, China’s communist party and Japan can be two countries with a very distinct struggle between good and evil and ideological work.

Question 5: You also mentioned that you have a business in Osaka. Do you mind sharing with us what kind of business do you do? You are very young, accumulate so much wealth in such a short time. You have done very well and are excellent in all disciplines. I believe you are still different from many people in many aspects. Please talk about the background of your business and the secrets of success. Our comrades-in-arms could also benefit from it.

Grassroots Brother: In fact, there is no robust background. I am just like my name, a grass root. I work as a brand promoter and work with some factories in Japan.  I also own a stake in two factories. I mainly focus on branding while doing some corporate training-related things. I don’t think I have any strength. It depends on how individuals approach the issue. Just like a while ago, we were doing the statistics on the investment, our farm comrades-in-arms said, “Look, some of them just donated one dollar, then invested more than $100,000 or $200,000 to fight for the right of the original issue stock. Doesn’t he have the compassion in our struggle?” I said, “No, once a person is willing to put their future, put their money on a venture, he must have strong confidence in this business. The same is true for me. For example, I, many comrades-in-arms, the reason why we are willing to pour this money and energy here is not because of our strength, but from our firm belief and confidence in the cause of our Whistleblower Movement.

Question 6: I understood that your parents and other family members are not overseas besides you and your wife. Do they support you joining the Whistleblower Movement? Does your wife keep it as well?

Grassroots Brother: The most fortunate thing is that my wife supports me more. My parents and I are exactly the opposite, and their ideology is the opposite. They are very biased towards the Chinese Communist Party, basically to the extent that there is no way to communicate in this respect.

Question 7: I heard that your wife is beautiful and coming out with good family background. She does well and successful in her career. Why do you participate in the Whistleblower Movement at all to take the risk? Because everyone knows that you are the leader of a Farm and joining the Iron & Blooded Team, this means a more significant risk for you. You can avoid it and be an ordinary comrade-in-arms, but we see that you have never doubted or retreated. What do you think?

Grassroots Brother: I remember Mr. Wengui made an analogy before that the princess opened a brothel, not to make money, but to have a good time. As far as the cause of destroying the Communist Party is concerned, I believe it may be the same for many comrades-in-arms. It’s not because of how much happiness this cause brings about or its bright future or how much wealth it can create. On the contrary, we often bear heavy burdens when we are in it, including coordinating many Farms and dealing with some things on our Farm. Most of the day, unhappy, very stressed, and accompanied by anxiety and irritation. So why are we willing to do this? I think it is more satisfying and enjoyable to be in the cause of the Whistleblower Movement to bring down the Communist Party. Nothing in the world can stimulate our nerves more than this career, and nothing can bring us this glory and satisfaction more than this pursuit. I believe this is a significant reason why many comrades-in-arms have thrown into the battle, at least I am.

Question 8: You were very good looking you appeared on GTV. You were so handsome that you were wearing a mask at the earliest. What made you take off your cover and stand up against CCP? I, Masha, haven’t done it yet. You did it.

Grassroots Brother: I think just a formality to take down the masks because everyone knows that there are many comrades-in-arms, such as Mr. Lude and Sister An Hong, who have not worn masks from the beginning. I was just showing a little bit so that everyone has some impressions. I took off my face mask because there was going to be a parade the next day. I have always believed not to impose on others things that we hate. If I want my comrades-in-arms to summon up the courage to parade or do some work, first of all, I must do it myself. It’s unfair if I don’t do it and ask others to do it, so I’m just willing to set an example first.

Question 9: You have rewarded the Lude show of $99.99 a day, so why did you cite Lude? What was your reason behind the reward? Later you stopped rewarding. Who told you to stop rewarding? I heard that the Qige (Miles Guo) told you to stop rewarding, is that right?

Grassroots Brother: When I was in China, I often followed Mr. Lude s show, and the main thing was watching Mr. Miles Guo’s show. There was no GTV, unlike the current where there are many varieties of show. After listening to Mr. Guo s episode, I had an emptiness in mind and wanted to get more of the same information. At this time, Mr. Lude started joining the whistleblower Movement, and I followed his program all the time, which was also very good. At that time, there was also David Brother doing the show, and I especially liked it. Other shows that have guests to do together, also very good. Our comrades-in-arms in the Whistleblower Movement are very special. Maybe in some people’s eyes, they are nuts since fighting with the communist party is dangerous? Including the evil of the Communist Party, it has always been invisible to us, and few people can bravely talk about these things. The earliest show I encountered was Voice of American and likewise, and they could never get to the point. Later, after Mr. Guo came out, I realized that these people were also communists. Mr. Lude was the only We-Media at that time, supported Mr. Guo, and the program was outstanding. I should give some applaud to such comrades-in-arms myself.

Question 10: In the early days, you kept Godzilla beside you before showing your face live. Why is that so? Do you like it very much?

Grassroots Brother: I prefer it. It’s purely a hobby of movie images, which has no special significance.

Question 11: When you were broadcasting live in the early days, you lived with Sister Khaleesi. What made you travel across the globe to find her on the live broadcast?

Grassroots Brother: Mr. Guo found me. He set up a small group to communicate with everyone, and Sister Khaleesi was also in the group. Later, someone started attacking Miles Guo online. And he temporarily set up a team to expose those hypocritical scum.

Sister Khaleesi and I signed up to participate. She became the organizer so that everyone does the exposing hypocrite rogue-related activity together.

Question 12: Which crooks have you killed after working with Sister Si for so long?

Grassroots Brother: To be honest, it’s a pure verbal attack and no action. It hasn’t killed anyone or made anyone discredited into bankruptcy. At that time, it was easy to do media framing through cyber warfare to influence many comrades-in-arms. These rogues were very good at camouflage. We, at that time, uncovered the truth of these people to avoid confusion among our comrades-in-arms. Now those comrades that fight on the street are the honest exterminators of these scoundrels.

Question 13: Mr. Guo once said that a grass roots like Grassroots Brother could wipe out a quarter of the Chinese Communist Party. Why does Qige (Mr. Guo) say so? What do you think as you are the party mentioned? Is it the family background or a solid political force behind you?

Grassroots Brother: I’ve never heard of it. I don’t know.

I don’t have any special abilities myself. There is no solid political background behind me.

Question 14: You are the only member of the Iron & Blood Team in Asia’s Farms. What do you say about the Iron & Blood Team? How did you feel about the association with the Team? What kind of role do you think the Iron Blood Team will play in the Whistleblower Movement?

Grassroots Brother: Never stop until we achieve what we want, which is the Team’s temperament. It is a great honor to be associated with the Iron & Blood Team, which plays a landmark role and leads by example.  When you understand that you are not living for yourself, you have grown up and experienced. Whether it is in front of the stage and behind the scenes, this is everyone’s common belief, and we do it not just for ourselves.

Question 15: Before you entered the Iron & Blood Team, you have had many disputes with the former Sakura Farm leader, the Monu, Mdm Peace. As the traditional saying, real men don’t fight with womenfolk, but you still defy it. What were the circumstances and reasons for it? How was it resolved later? As a Farm leader, how do you plan to get along with the Sakura Farm or existing comrades-in-arms of the Farm in the future, and if similar disagreements occur, how can you solve them?

Grassroots Brother: I did have some conflicts with Monu, Mdm Peace before, mainly due to my aggressive character to excel over others. The incident reflects a problem of my own, a problem with human nature like going against the grain with others. I love to earn the first place when I do anything these years. Besides, I want to do everything best, and then without a broad horizon. I may not have realized before that if the Whistleblower Movement cannot prevail, it is meaningless for us to be a leader of a Farm or fight for the immediate benefit. All we do now must revolve around destroying the Communist Party. In terms of bringing down the Chinese Communist Party, my superficial opinion that our general comrades-in-arms do not have the grading or ability to cause direct harm to them as Mr. Guo does. So what can our ordinary comrades-in-arms do? I think we will do things that the Communist Party does not like. That is, it is the most significant help to destroy the Communist Party. The Communist Party doesn’t want us, the Chinese people, have become brave and stand up directly to point out its’ problems.

On the other hand, the most fearful thing about the Chinese Communist Party is the unity of the Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party can now lead 1.4 billion people, brainwash, and hijacked as prisoners, and suppress the right to free speech because our Chinese are not united enough. In retrospect, I may be a little better than I did at that time, and my understanding is now different. Previously, I thought that would put the Farm together for everyone to compete. Now, I believe the Farms should connect all the comrades-in-arms of the world honestly and truly unite all of them, not competition.

Question 16: After setting up the Osaka JHL Farm in Japan and becoming a leader, has the Chinese Communist Party approached and threatened you?

Grassroots Brother: At the beginning of the live broadcast, Sister Si is a soft-spoken, well-mannered Buddhist, but I am an ill manner guy that likes name-calling. At that time, I believed I needed to do so. If I need it now, for example, to reduce the villains, I will do the same. Now, if I put the role of the head of a farm, I can’t continue to do so. As the head of a Farm, it plays a representative role. We say that the Communist Party of China is not the same as the Chinese people. We mention that the Chinese people are different from the Communist Party of China. What is it different? We are now representing the New Federal state of China. We should also push ourselves to improve and make an ideal image of the Chinese people to show to the local people and our comrades-in-arms. I have my role change. I believe everyone is an artist in their lives. We play different roles at times.

Question 17: In Japan, CCP has paid quite many rogues to spread fake news, in addition to Communist agents and spies. When Monu was in the Sakura Farm, there was an organized effort to unveil those groups, and the combat team died down later. Do you have any plans as a member of the iron blood group to revive it?

Grassroots Brother: That’s my negligence and has not carried out the wiping out operations on scoundrels. We will organize and carry it out right away to show everyone.

Question 18: Japan has a large population and complexity, and the Japanese government is very implicit in eliminating the Communist Party. You now have two Himalaya Farms in Japan. If in the follow-up development, some comrades-in-arms have stepped forward to build Farms, as an existing head of the Farm and a member of the Iron & Blood Team, what do you think about having more Farm in more cities?

Grassroots Brother: I think that there should be Himalayan Farms where there is an embassy of the Chinese  Communist Party, the ideal state. In Japan, my perfect condition is that I should have it in several important cities, such as Yokohama, Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo, and Sapporo. Now there is a statistic that in Japan, there are 100,000 long-term users who regularly follow GTV, few of them join the Farm. And there is a lot of room for the future rise and goals for efforts. The most important thing this year is the matter of digital currency. At present, it is in full swing. H-coin floated marked the official launching of the G series commercial kingdom and elimination of Communist, to many become a career. The impact on the Communist Party is not trivial. I will support the development of more Farms in Japan in the future. At the same time, the development of Japanese Farms in the future depends on how we promote awareness. The popularization of the G series is our focus this year.

Question 19: Qige often praises you in private.  He hopes you can lead the robust development of the Farms in Japan. Why does Qige like you so much?

Grassroots Brother: I don’t think Qige likes me alone. He wants everyone with courage and will also provide the most significant support to everyone who has courage. I have grown older now. The younger comrades are such as The Little Prince,  in their early 20s.

Mr. Guo especially likes young people, because young people are our future. Therefore, he pays more attention to young people and cultivates more talents for our new federation.

Question 20: Most of the young people just mentioned, such as the little prince and Dumbo, are in the United States. However, in Japan, except for you and Maladuona, are there any more young people coming out? What’s went wrong?

Grassroots Brother: Japan is a particularly aging country. There are many young ethnic Chinese. Many young people don’t care about politics. The population base of ethnic Chinese Americans is more significant than that of Japan. Of course, our Farms have not done an excellent promotional job, and build rapport with the locals is also to be blamed. In terms of the political atmosphere, Japan does not have the openness as the West, where westerners are more involved in politics, such as the U.S. election. But the average age of people who care about politics in Japan is over 60 years old. I believe the way to take down the Communist Party, we can’t just talk about emotions but as a career and a means to make money. I am still optimistic about the impact on young Japanese people after the G series makes money this year. At present, the whole market economy is very sluggish. Everyone adopts to wait and see attitude to investing their money. And investment projects are scarce, just like Mr. Guo said that the launching of the G series is at the best state of time, place, and people. My conclusion also originated from this reason.

Question 21: When I was on the mainland, I often hear friends mention Japanese adult video culture. It is very famous. What do you think of Japanese Adult Video culture?

Grassroots Brother: I think it’s good. Almost all places where sex is forbidden are dictatorial, totalitarian countries. It would be better if there were no mosaic techniques to blur the displaying parts in the video.

Question 22: You are also young and talented. Do you have any plans to return to China after the elimination of the Communist Party? Do you want to go into business or politics in the future? Are there any plans for the future? Will you do anything about China without Communist Party in the future?

Grassroots Brother: In fact, I don’t have a long-term plan now. The elimination of the Communist Party is all that matters. All the planning comes to none without the disappearance of the Communist Party. I wouldn’t say I like to do this long-term plan either. Long-term planning is likely to change or fail to achieve. Many of the things I do are short-term plans. I am likely to return to China in the future. To go into business or politics, that depends on your ability to manage the situation.

All our comrades know it, and Mr. Guo also did talk about it early. As long as we fulfill our long-cherished wish, that is, the destruction of the Communist Party, each of us is a significant figure in the world. At this time, I think the most important thing is whether we remain true to our original aspiration? Can we still retain the sincerity and kindness initially, willingness to participate in the Whistleblower Movement? If we inherit the style and image of the Communist Party after destroying it, it is the tragedy of the whole Whistleblower Movement. I think it is crucial to maintain the sincerity and kindness we now treat our comrades-in-arms and our compatriots at all times.

Question 23: In the last interview with Ms. Mulan, the topic of Tantric sex slave was mentioned, which caused a lot of controversy and doubt. What do you think of this issue?

Grassroots Brother: I think it’s normal to ask about this topic. For example, President Trump is answering reporters’ questions, and each one is much more tricky than this. On the other hand, the Communist Party never mentions sex, making it feel like they are all eunuchs, have no sexual life, and no sexual ability. The Communist Party does not say anything but does it every day.

Question 24: Grassroots Brother is a relatively successful young man inside mainland China. Can you share some of your past successful experiences? Generally speaking, young people who are more successful in the country will not choose to go abroad and start again. Why did you make such a choice?

Grassroots Brother: It’s not a success. Mr. Guo has mentioned that the many real capable people are all in China. I especially agree with it. There are too many such talented people around me.

The Little Prince is similar to the CEOs of a unicorn enterprise. Like me, to put it plainly, it is self-employed. Competent people are at home. So why can we stand out, not our ability, but more about our courage? Our courage, responsibility, and kindness are much stronger than them.

Question 25: I remember once you were connecting a live broadcast with Mr. Guo. You were wearing a suit that was also Brioni. You seem to care about the brand of a western-style Suit and have excellent taste. What do you think of G-Fashion, and what do you think about comparing it to other clothing brands?

Grassroots Little Roots: G-fashion makes me admire it very much. I don’t wear a suit from Brioni. I made a suit in Japan, and then I just made it according to Mr. Guo’s style. What is more characteristic is the two buttons on the collar, because men wear suits in basically three colors, gray, blue and black. How to make others distinguish them at a glance? I think this button is a very critical item. Secondly, his trousers have no seams, followed by the buttons of his sleeves and the length. As far as G-fashion is concerned, I know it is of great design. Qige wears this handsomely. It should also be good to wear it on me. I have this thing in my mind. Of course, knowing it does mean that I could create one myself. But Mr. Guo can do it. He is a creator, which is very excellent. We can only say that we know how to appreciate.

Question 26: When did you come into contact with the Whistleblower Movement? When did you come into contact with Mr. Wen Gui?

Grassroots Brother: My exposure to the message of the Whistleblower Movement was after April 19, 2017. Decide to follow Mr. Guo’s Movement after I went abroad. Some comrades-in-arms in China are very worried about their safety, and I am particularly touched. For example, taking off the mask and walking from the scene to the front of the stage is a tangled process. In the beginning to read the online media related to the Whistleblower Movement, and I didn’t dare to click a “like” button or forward a message. I was afraid and dreaded that the Communist Party would mark and bring trouble to me. When I left the country, I began to get involved and participate in the activities of the Whistleblower Movement.

Question 27: You have been in contact with Mr. Guo for some time. What do you think is his most significant strength, and what is his biggest weakness?

Grassroots Brother: I think his biggest strength and weakness can be reduced to one category, the same problem. He is honest to his comrades-in-arms and treats each comrades-in-arms with sincerity. After he fled abroad, the fraudster and disguised pro-democracy activists surrounded him. And Mr. Guo once had shown respect for such a group of people. His shortcomings are emotional and also his integrity, like the inclusion of Sara. I was more assured to follow the Qige. No matter what, I am better than Sara, and he won’t kick me out or take me away. What Qige said the other day shocked me. He said, “I hate Sara very much. If she comes out of prison one day and begs me to the gate, I will give her 10 million for a reason. I’m outraged, but I will still help her.”

Question 28: Just mentioned the Nine-finger demon (Sara), as you have been on the job of reducing those communists-funded crooks. Why didn’t you exterminate the Nine-finger demon?

Grassroots Brother: I don’t want to make a second guess, but I’ve always felt something wrong with her.

We bear the responsibility to unite all the comrades-in-arms of the Whistleblower movement. While she is still serving and doing things for the Movement, we can’t attack each other. Many of our comrades-in-arms have acted very professionally. Although just like David of Himalaya London Club, has suffered some grievances, he does not mention that as long as you come to destroy the Communist Party. He can tolerate your shortcomings.  It is also a significant influence on me, such as controversial people in the alliance committee, also addressing them as comrades-in-arms. I am willing to accept them and give them a chance. In the past, I didn’t tolerate a little mistake. Now, why do I feel this? It is through the episode of Sara that I make some changes.

Question 29: What do you think will be their future destinations of these crooks?

Grassroots Brother: I don’t think going to prison is their worst outcome. Their worst fate is that when they realize that they could continue or quit without sabotaging the Movement, and they can still live life to the full, instead of cooperating with the Communist Party. These pseudo-agents are under the payroll of the Communist Party. If they don’t cooperate with the Communist Party to get their regular handout, they will harvest thousands or thousands of times higher if they invest a little. That’s the most painful time for them.

Question 30: Grassroots Brother is responsible for the management, operation, and maintaining the GTV platform. Recently, it has caused a lot of controversy after the launch of the Real-life events show. In addition, many comrades-in-arms have complained about the deletion of messages. How do you face these challenges from the perspective of a manager?

Grassroots Brother: I think this is nonsense. For example, in any streaming media, each channel is self-media and has the right to manage media. If you don’t like it, you can delete them and even close comments. Some comrades-in-arms go online to make comments without knowing the background story, and they are unknowingly involved in media framing. It is an honor for me to be one of the first five personnel on the Real-Life show. I think it is reasonable for the show to raise seemingly excessive questions according to needs. It is suitable for the Real-life show to raise problems as a unique column.

Question 31: You first joined live broadcast with Khaleesi, but later it stopped. Qige once joked, “Grassroots Brother and Khaleesi must only be comrades-in-arms, not beyond the red line.” What do you understand by this statement of Qige?

Grassroots Brother: Qige likes to joke. He often reminds young people not to make mistakes. Once young people fall into love, they hold up the mission of destroying the Communist Party. The main reason why I didn’t do the live broadcast with Ms. Khaleesi was mainly because of my busy schedule. My live broadcast self-media can only do two or three times a month.

Changdao: In Today’s interview with Grassroots Brother, he did not know before the show. I heard the first time as well. Grassroots Brother is very frank.

Masha: Thank you, Grassroots Brother, for coming to our show and sharing your personal experience. Our next guest is Brother David. Thank you to all the viewers.

The above is the main content of the seventh issue. I believe you can get something. We have also seen the growth of real-life events shows. On the way to destroy the Communist Party, both people and things will become better. The cause to take down the Communist Party has such miraculous charm. Thanks to the Whistleblower Movement and the impact of the New federal State of China on each of us, it will be life-changing.

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