Chinses Communist Party (CCP)will Extend Xinjiang’s Surveillance System to the World if We Don’t Stop Them

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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After Xi Jinping came to power, he wanted to use a “wall” of CCTV cameras to enclose Xinjiang. The CCP launched an enhanced version, Xueliang Project, a system with “full domain coverage, full network sharing, full-time availability, and full-process control” that composed of 500 million cameras.

There are evidences that the Ministry of Public Security of China made a requirement in 2017: facial recognition software used on surveillance cameras must be trained to recognize Uyghur faces. A Huawei test report called the systems “Uyghur Alarm”.

Xinjiang has become a digital surveillance laboratory. By 2013, officials in Urumqi had begun to post QR codes outside the residents of the relevant security personnel so to obtain detailed information about them with a scan.

In Xinjiang, all vehicles are equipped with G.P.S. locator issued by the government. Every new mobile phone number must be registered with ID, and the mobile phone must be checked routinely; the authorities can access any data, from photos to location data. What more disturbing, All Xinjiang residents between the ages of 12 and 65 are required to provide the government with a DNA sample.

In Xinjiang, the surveillance camera with facial recognition can send alarm of 36 types of “threat”, such as of people who do not use mobile phones, those who enter and exit via their back door instead of the front door, or those who use “massive amount” of electricity, even bearing an “unusual” beard can cause trouble. Too little social interaction is suspicious, and “complex” social relationships are also suspicious. What is more outrages is that the families of such “suspicious” persons will also be deemed “suspicious”.

The ultimate goal of Xinjiang’s surveillance system is not only to arrest and torture Xinjiang “problematic” ethnic people, but also to push this system all of China and the world.

We must be alarmed when the CCP tries to cooperate with American tech giants because the only way for the CCP to completely silence and cover their evil conducts is to control the freedom of speech all over the world. We must use independent and freedom media platforms to spread the truth of Xinjiang’s genocide and the truth of the CCP virus to people who believe in justice.

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