The Chinses Communist Party Is a Schizophrenic Party

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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The Chinses Communist Party (the CCP) lacks core values in governance and can be manifested as a kind of “schizophrenia”.

On the one hand, Marxism is still called the guiding ideology, but on the other hand, it fiercely denies the Marxist economy. Liberalism has long become the mainstream theory guiding Chinese market economy.

On the one hand, “socialism” is inseparable from the party’s core value that is often “celebrated” on television, on the other hand “privatization” has gained the political correctness and has become the main theme in Chinese economy.

On the one hand, the leaders of the CCP flaunt themselves as the “public servants of the people”. On the other hand, Chinese ordinary people have no influence at all on national policies.

On the one hand, the CCP’s banner still says, “For the Alliance of Workers and Peasants”, on the other the party is the perpetrator of oppression and plunder of workers and peasants.

Compared with the “original” totalitarianism, the ideological control of the CCP clearly shows an apocalyptic scene, which is characterized by low energy, arrogance, bluffing, and stupidity.

The evil totalitarian rule of the Mao Zedong era once instigated revolutionary enthusiasm throughout the country and inspired radical leftists all over the world.

After Mao’s death in 1976 till 1989, the relatively relaxed ideological control and socio-economic policies of post-Mao era once allowed the CCP authorities to gain some new legitimacy. Although the CCP has learned the concept of “market economy” and “nationalism”, it still cannot shake off its evil root. As a result, after entering the 21st century, the CCP turned its attention to find ideological partners that are also declining and dying, such as North Korea and Cuba.

It is precisely because the CCP has rejected the global trend of pursuing human rights and democracy. Although it has relied on foreign investment to enhance China’s economic strength, it has never been able to establish an image of moral power in global politics.

The CCP claims to be a party leading all the workers and peasants in the world, in fact Chinese Communist Party is a degenerate privileged oligarchy with a strong desire for power and material and it has no sense of morality and value.

The CCP is an insatiable hierarchical system of crony capitalism, a modern authoritarian regime that is not interested in the future and freedom. The CCP is an oligarchy that is bloated, suspicious, mediocre and brutal. It has no political ambitions and ideals for the country and its people. The sole purpose of CCP is to maintain in power and to maintain the existing system.

Although after Mao’s death, the economic and social policies were once welcomed. However, the relatively relaxed political atmosphere has gradually undermined the CCP’s dominant control in Chinese society. The Mao Zedong’s ideology which has been the dominance over CCP’s members is rapidly shrinking. And the erosive and corrupt extent of the party members indicated that everyone was eager to gain immediate profit and quick arbitrage before the CCP eventually collapse. The political corruption is rampage even among its “most enlightened”, “most advanced”,” most powerful”, and “most stalwart”  core standing members.

Although the schizophrenic CCP is a sinking ship, the elite members of Chinses Communist Party will be huddled together, not due to or for any principled beliefs, but due to or for their status and privileges. They will always be huddled together no matter how great the pressure is. Thus, Chinese society must undergo thorough reforms. The new Chinese authority must discard any form of communism. There must be multiple parties in the country taking turns in power. The most important thing is that all the CCP’s evil deeds must be thoroughly disclosed to the people of China and the world.  

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