Hubei Citizens are suffering from shortages of supplies

Author: VOG-WenZi+Yuma

The source of the Wuhan epidemic came from factional struggles within the Communist Party of China, but the continuation of this infighting has caused the epidemic to worsen even further. The situation of the epidemic now is that local officials do not care to govern, or they are subject to their factions and thus impeded in their efforts, leading to heavy hindrances in local public affairs management — especially to the forming and implementing of policy and ensuring the supply of manpower and materials. Lives have been lost one after another. These above reasons are why the outbreak of the Wuhan epidemic has not been effectively controlled for such a long time.

Today, the Wuhan Coronavirus has caused epidemics around the world. Due to pressure from public opinion in the international community, it is becoming increasingly likely that China will be listed by WHO as an epidemic country. If China is labeled as an epidemic country, then the Chinese Communist Party will face the fatal blow of zero foreign trade income and a broken domestic economy. Faced with the current stagnation of its domestic economy, the people’s questioning of the Party’s legitimacy, the urgent demands from the international community to investigate the true cause of the epidemic, and pressure from public discourse against the Chinese Communist Party’s dishonesty and uncooperative behavior, the CCP’s policies and measures against the Wuhan epidemic has begun to change constantly, becoming worse and even inhumane.

The current control measures adopted by the Communist Party of China are mainly divided into two aspects: On the one hand, the Wuhan community has gradually restricted the number of times people can take trips outside. At first, it was once every two days and once every three days. Now, people have been prohibited from going out at all. The original community management model has gradually shifted to a joint military management model of community personnel and civilian police, relying solely on force and coercive measures to isolate people in order to reduce the number of new infections, and relying on the people’s own immunity or self-destruction to solve the existing epidemic. The people have begun turning to self-help ​​instead of seeking medical aid. On the other hand, the CCP has gradually raised the cost of treatment in hospitals, making people fear to seek it.

From a practical perspective, because the number of infected people in Wuhan has far exceeded the capacity of the existing medical system, the Chinese Communist Party has no confidence in controlling the development of the epidemic in the future, thus they have resorted to this terrible solution. In this way, the shortcomings of the CCP’s medical supplies and manpower are masked on the one hand, and the pressure on the CCP’s long-term control is eased. On the other hand, this policy also whitewashed the actual data of casualties among infected people. However, from another perspective, this policy completely exposed the CCP’s inadequacy in governance, and the government’s ability to control the epidemic and the medical institutions’ ability to provide aid has been completely lost.

On the surface, the CCP is admitting its incompetence, but from the gradual change of the CCP’s management method, it can be seen that the CCP has been performing a big show from the beginning. It gradually lowered the public’s awareness and vigilance in order to finally cover up the plan of putting the city under quarantine and realizing the goal of letting the masses self-destruct. From this we can see, the CCP has never wanted to save the people of Wuhan.

The policy implemented by Wuhan City on February 15 is as follows, which puts people in a state of isolation and helplessness:

  1. No outside vehicles are allowed to enter the city. (How does one deal with the shortage of food and medical supplies?)
  2. No outsiders are allowed to enter the city (Relief from social groups cannot be achieved, and the information channels of the entire society are further blocked)
  3. No one from each household is allowed to leave the house; no one is allowed on the roads and in the village or outdoors (When online discussion is strictly monitored, the opportunities for mass communication and group resistance are exhausted)
  4. All stores, restaurants, and stalls are to be closed except for drug stores and supermarkets with licenses. (Can the basic living security of the entire Wuhan city be met with only a few supermarkets if supplies from other provinces are stopped from entering?)
  5. Except for vehicles with inspection licenses and garbage collecting vehicles, all other vehicles are not allowed to go out. (Without the assistance of vehicles, what should people do if urgent treatment is needed for infected patients and other illnesses in the entire city?)
  6. Cadres in charge of the village, staff on duty, grid administrators must all wear masks, armbands, inspection cards, and other obvious signs. (I want to ask who will supervise the authority of this so-called governing personnel and who will protect the legitimate rights and interests of ordinary people from being harmed?)

Due to the CCP’s misleading propaganda, many people underestimated the seriousness of the situation and some did not get the news of the quarantine in time. As a result, the basic living supplies in their households were seriously inadequate, and they could only sustain their daily consumption for a few days. On the other hand, the halt in production of the factories has brought about income interruption for the entire Wuhan population. Faced with daily expenses such as housing loans, car loans, and insurance, household income is also about to run dry. The pain of hunger, the harassment of the banks, the encroachment of the virus, the departure of loved ones, and the loss of freedom have pushed the people of Wuhan to despair and the end of their lives.

I ask the Chinese Communist Party, have you performed enough in your show? Are you still treating the Chinese people as pigs and dogs? I ask, where is the tax money that 1.4 billion Chinese have paid for so many years, where are our relief supplies and grain reserves, and our modern manufacturing capabilities? I ask the CCP, where is your ability to govern, and where is your rise as a great power, where is your “amazing, my country”! You can’t even do anything to save the lives of people in one city! What gall do you have to continue to breathe and creep upon the earth?

May the gods grant wisdom and strength to the sons and daughters of China, and let us repent of the past ignorance, indifference, and selfishness! May the gods bless the land of China to pass through tribulation soon, and let our children live in a future without the Chinese Communist Party and evil!

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Feb. 19, 2020