5/7/2021 Financial News: “Post-90s” Successively Buy Gold; Shareholders Of Listed Companies Reduced Their Holdings Fiercely

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1.Prices have risen, “Post-90s” successive purchase of gold

Due to the improvement of the international epidemic and the increasing expectations of the world economy, gold’s risk aversion has weakened. The international gold price has been adjusted from US$2,089 per ounce last year to US$1678.9 per ounce at the beginning of March this year. The adjustment range is close to 20%. The wave of rebound started, and rushed to US$1,798 per ounce on April 21. In addition to the demand for wedding gold jewelry, the attention of gift gold jewelry has gradually increased, and consumers are mostly “post-90s”.

2.Shareholders of listed companies have reduced their holdings fiercely

After the end of the annual report season, important shareholders of listed companies have disclosed their shareholding reduction plans; popular industries such as steel, computer communications, medical and pharmaceuticals have recently disclosed a large number of shareholders to reduce their holdings, which has become the hardest hit area for reducing shareholding. From the perspective of the reasons for the reduction, if the main body of the reduction is a natural person, and the need for personal funds is the main reason. If the main body of the reduction is the company, and the company’s business development needs are the main reason.

3.Great Wall Movie and Television will be delisted today

On May 6, Great Wall Movie and Television announced its delisting. The company’s shares entered the delisting period on March 22, 2021. As of May 6, 2021, 30 trading days have expired, and the delisting period has ended. The company’s shares have been terminated by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and will be delisted from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 7, 2021. After the company’s stock is terminated from listing, it will be transferred to the National Equities Exchange and Quotations system for stock transfer.

4.Big banks have to adjust mortgage interest rates in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank issued a notice today to promote the steady and healthy development of the Shenzhen real estate market and support the reasonable demand for housing purchases by residents, Shenzhen Construction Bank will adjust the housing loan interest rate today to implement the first home loan interest rate LPR+45BP (equivalent to 5.10%), and the second home mortgage implementation LPR+95BP (equivalent to 5.60%), which is increased by 15BP and 35BP respectively from the previous; in addition, in order to reflect the support for low-income groups to purchase affordable residential housing, the interest rate of housing loans remains unchanged, that is, the implementation of LPR+30BP (equivalent to 4.95%).

5.Global TV prices are rising

Since last year, the TV industry has ushered in two waves of price increases. In August 2020, many TV brands announced price increases one after another. In April 2021, the second round of price increases. The brands involved include TCL, Skyworth, Hisense, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony and other mainstream manufacturers at home and abroad. There are many reasons for the rise in TV prices, one of which is the rise in the price of the core component panel. More than half of the TV production costs are TV panels, and the most important LCD TV panels for TV panels have been rising in price since last year.

6.Nasdaq withdraws listing ban on Luokung after U.S. judge’s decision

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Nasdaq Inc has withdrawn a decision to delist the shares of Luokung Technology Corp, the CCP mapping technology company said on Thursday, after a U.S. judge suspended an imminent investment ban imposed under the former Trump administration. The ruling and listing news sent shares of the company nearly 20% higher. Luokung, in a news release on Thursday, said Nasdaq had notified the company that it has withdrawn its delisting letter and shares would continue to trade on the market, and would not be suspended on May 7. Luokung is the second company on a U.S. list of alleged CCP’s military companies subject to an investment ban to win a preliminary injunction halting the designation.

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