[Australia Frontline] Offline Activities Has Progressed in A Better Way Under the Efforts of Our Courageous Fellow Fighters in Melbourne.

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Image source: Live event photo

The offline activities organized by Melbourne Athena Farm have become a regular feature. On the first Sunday of May, at 1pm, our fellow fighters gathered again in Melbourne, and the target was the Melbourne Chinese Communist Consulate.

The clouds were clearing with late autumn sunshine. More than twenty fellow fighters from various farms in Australia and New Zealand stood in the blue battle dress on both sides of the road in front of the consulate. They displayed propaganda banners of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, held high the flag of the New Federal State of China, called out slogans to take down the CCP, and interacted with passing cars (drivers) or pedestrians.

We met a couple on the scene, one of them named “dead party”. He was a domestic private entrepreneur, with annual business sales of several hundred million dollars. But in 2017, the business was forced to demolish by the CCP within a month, and he had lost everything. In 2018, they came to Australia to seek asylum. In Australia, they took attentiveness to Mr. Guo’s Whistleblowers’ Movement and supported with donations to the rule of law foundation, etc.

The pair of fellow fighters have been following the offline activities through Melbourne Athena Farm on GTV. They didn’t have time to catch up on the first two demonstrations. But this time, they rushed to the scene when they saw the live broadcast. Finally, they were able to join their fellow fighters to make their authentic inner voice: “Take Down The CCP!” After understanding the facts, Mao Ben Xiao Ge, a fellow fighter on the scene, invited them to join the Melbourne Athena Farm, and now we have two more local fellow fighters on the way to take down the CCP.

Image source: Live event photo

There were not many pedestrians passing by in front of the Melbourne CCP Consulate, but today several locals came forward to ask for brochures. One of them had a conversation with our fellow fighter named Yi Hai Yang Fan. He explained that the CCP virus did not come from nature but was a biochemical weapon created and dropped by the CCP military, causing disasters worldwide. The local said he knew the answer (the truth) about the CCP virus and was grateful that we could stand here and reveal the truth about the virus! He gave our fellow fighter a big hug and expressed his strong support for our actions.

Our fellow fighter Yi Hai Yang Fan is very emotional. Although we have a limited number of fellow fighters in Melbourne, the continuous persistence has finally yielded some gains. Indeed, the people of the New Federal State of China have started to show strength. Through our ongoing efforts, more locals will learn the truth about the virus in the future, and I believe that the attention of the Australian mainstream society is not far away.

After that, four police cars came to the scene one after another, and subsequently, 6 or 7 police officers came to ask questions. It turned out that the activities of the fellow fighters had alerted the people staying in the CCP Consulate, and they reported the incident to the police. Fellow fighters Mao Ben Xiao Ge and Xiao Heihei came to speak with the police.

The police did not interfere with our protest, and after went through usual formalities, several police officers stood to the side of our group to “escort” us. At the same time, our fellow fighters hand out the CCP virus pamphlets to them. When Mao Ben Xiao Ge reported our offline event in advance, the police officer said to him, “Good luck with your event.” It shows that the Melbourne police force does not feel good about the CCP either.

The temperature was high, and our fellow fighters were sweating under the scorching sun, but they were energetic and did not feel tired at all. Fellow fighter Tianchi said that the CCP had released a virus that is scouring the world. A global consensus is bound to be reached on the elimination of the CCP, and that it is wise for overseas Chinese to take a stand and draw a line with CCP. What are you waiting for? Stand up and take down the CCP.

While our fellow members were fighting in the front in Melbourne, the rear Athena Farm live group Giselle and Chen Xi connected to the Lao Banzhang of the Himalayan Farm Alliance Committee. The Lao Banzhang was connected throughout the whole process to give endorsement and assistance to the field fellow fighters is the biggest highlight:

The Alliance called on all farms’ fellow fighters in Melbourne to give up the notion of boundaries and cliquishness and actively participate in this offline event. What the warriors need now is courage. Last year it was the epidemic that stopped the Melbourne warriors in their tracks, and today taking to the streets to spread the truth to the Australian community is a decisive step for the fellow fighters in Melbourne.

The forces of justice gather around the world, and Australia is at the forefront of the West. Action, action, action! The offline activities organized by Athena Farm continue and persist. Kudos to the Athena and New Zealand team, proud and honored of you. Please keep spreading the influence of activities so that more fellow fighters can join our offline activities to exchange feelings and unite. True fellow fighters take action without hesitation!

Although the trade reign of the Chinese Communist Party has taught the Australian community a lesson, the bottomless nature of the CCP regime is not yet well understood. At present, the Australian mainstream media or society never report the truth about the virus. The government is still pushing for the vaccine, even though the side effects continue to occur. The offline activities of Melbourne Athena Farm are now strengthening, and locals are beginning to explore the truth about the virus. Our fellow fighters must keep disclose the truth about the CCP virus and wake up the world.

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