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  1. 00:19:20 According to historical records, when Duke Chong Er of Jin Dynasty was fleeing from the country and living in hardship, Jie Zitui followed him into exile and once cut off the meat of his thigh to feed him.When Chong Er returned to be the kingdom again, he offered him a big reward. The Duke of Jin set fire to the mountain, but he didn’t expect to burn Chong Er’s mother and son to death.  In order to commemorate Jiezitui, fires were banned on this day every year and every family ate cold food, which is the origin of Qingming Festival. The story made up by the Chinese is completely nonsensical, just to prove that the emperor values love and righteousness, to prove that Jiezitui does not like fame and fortune and respects the elderly, which is simply nonsense.
  2. 00:23:00 I have been to Magpie Mountain, Wudang Mountain, Tibet, Shaolin Temple to ask the old monks about “a lamp can remove a thousand years of darkness, a wisdom can extinguish ten thousand years of foolishness”, some say that the blind man playing lanterns is to help others can also light themselves, and others say that the lamp is the only hope, is faith, is the Buddha. The story can be told in any way, but today I want to talk about why the Communist Party propagates the Qingming Festival. Yesterday was the Western Easter, which happens to be the same day as the Chinese Qingming Festival. The Chinese refuse to talk about death, the Japanese are not taboo about death, the Jews have no concept of death, only the Chinese are most taboo about death.
  3. 00:28:00  In the past, the emperors in the Qingming Festival were all about spring outing and ancestor worship, in order to rally people and get them to go out to cultivate the land; while the atheistic Communist Party was all about  the economy, the politics and  the relationships. The Qingming Festival, which the Communist Party was very superstitious about, was a day when ghosts went to God, and a day when Communist Party officials went back to their hometowns to worship their ancestors, make connections and make promiscuous friends. The Qingming economy was all monopolized by the Communist Party, earning money from the dead. Tomb sweepers’ gasoline , bus ticket, paper, incense , Yuanbao , those selling sacrificial offerings are all monopolized by local officials. Yesterday there were 360,000 people visiting graves in Wuhan alone. A Fellow Fighter from Enshi, who runs an urn business, exposed that from January to August last year, 1.68 million urns were sold in Hubei Province alone, compared to only about 20,000 in the same period in the past, how much money the Communist Party makes from these unjust souls and ghosts! This is the Communist Party’s economy of the dead, Qingming economy. Communist officials return to places in the name of ancestral tomb-sweeping, but the essence is to engage in relations, money and genitalia. All the deaths and disasters of the common people are nothing more than a ladder for promotion and a base resource for getting rich. Another core problem is that among the murdered family members, the living are the ones who suffer more than death. When the CCP makes money from the dead and engages in clear politics, economics, and relations, it makes the people unable to cry, burn, or speak, which is worse than any punishment. We should burn incense for the Chinese people who are cowardly, selfish, living on their own, and living in cowardice. The New Federal State of China are not like anyone else because we have ambitions and faith, we are a light in the darkness of the night, daring to shine on both ghosts and demons. We will fight for the dead and take out the devil so that our families will not be killed again.
  4. 00:47:00 Let’s talk about the Communist Party’s use of money to destroy the U.S. The first massive sell-off of dollars broke out in 1960, the second USD crisis in 1968, the third one crisis in 1971, and the complete collapse of the Bretton Woods system after the fourth USD crisis in 1973. Now there are 30,000 tons of all the gold in the world together, 30 trillion dollars in legal dollars, the future price of gold should be 10,000 dollars, and now it is only 1800, the price is totally wrong. More than 9,000 tons of gold from 29 countries around the world are stored in the United States, 19 of them account for 90%. What a concept it would be if this gold were to be siphoned off! The core purpose of the Communist ‘One Belt, One Road’ is to take out the US dollar, and when the US dollar is finished, the United States is finished. The Frenchman Kahn is the chairman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the IMF is owned by Europe, the World Bank (WB) is owned by the US, and the Communists want to control both of them. From 2006 to 2010, Kahn attended many performances of minority cultural troupes, and many starlets were sent to hospital after sex with him, and when Kahn was arrested at the airport in May 2012 for rape and molestation, the Communist Party lobbied for him at all costs and supported his rise to power. The Communist manipulation of the world media is obvious from this incident. Everyone believes that Kahn was set up because he made several points: first to verify the U.S. gold reserves; second, he offered to challenge the U.S. dollar; third, he agreed to the Communist Party to get the Asian Investment Bank, Asian Construction Bank, and Asian Infrastructure Bank; and fourth, to get the Asian State Currency with the China Communist Party’s Foreign Investment Corporation. The story behind Kahn’s sex scandal that got me to pay high attention to the U.S. gold reserve , huge story behind it. The Communists are planning how to take out the IMF, the World Bank and the US Federal Reserve to get rid of the US gold reserves.
  5. 01:01:00  After Biden takes the Office, the CCP hopes to achieve: first to let Biden say that the virus has nothing to do with the CCP; the matter of crimes against humanity in Xinjiang has to be set right; the matter of trade has to be renegotiated. Second, redeem all U.S. Treasury bonds at the critical moment and create a crisis in the U.S. financial stock market, which can be achieved with only $300 billion; persuade countries to take back their gold and reserve it in the Communist China. The price offered by the CCP is very good: foreign countries deposit 1 ton, and the CCP also deposits 1 ton, and we all share supervision; at the same time, for every ton of gold deposited, a zero interest loan in US dollars or Swiss francs corresponding to 1 ton of gold is given. The person who designed this program is now in Qincheng prison, and his daughter is our fellow fighter and an investor in GTV. It is only a matter of time before the price of gold and silver must rise so much in the future that all credit-based paper money must collapse. The CCP has an even better trick up its sleeve, which is to get US Congressmen who have been bribed by the CCP to offer to verify US gold reserves at the right time; the CCP has been out in force for the past 1 to 2 weeks. The media all over the world is reporting that they are going to verify the gold in the U.S. The key is that in the last week 7 or 8 countries shipped their gold back to their countries, while several U.S. Congressmen proposed to investigate the gold reserves, which the CCP started to prepare in 2006 and recently started in full force. The end of this is the collapse of the USD, the collapse of the U.S. economy, the collapse of U.S. credit, more than two hundred countries and three dozen financial cities around the world where 90% of banks do not accept Americans to open accounts or U.S. companies. Once the U.S. gold reserves are in trouble, the country’s credit will go straight to zero, worse than even the Communists. The Communists got the gold to China through matching loans and convinced countries to put the gold reserves in Hong Kong on Lantau Island, managed by the troops stationed in Hong Kong, which I am the first to expose! This plan has been in place for six or seven years, and the best part is that all countries, the military, and the Treasury can access it at any time to check it out and give matching loans. We don’t care if the Americans believe it or not, I’m sure the U.S. will eventually figure it out.
  6. 01:13:30 Some people say few people in the US know about the Whistleblower Movement, we don’t even care if the US knows, not knowing is their ignorance and failure, knowing is their profit. We don’t care how many Americans browse  GTV and G-news; Hollywood, Wall Street, tech. companies are corrupt and greedy, eventually pay for it. Everything in the private business in the United States is all about profit, no politics at all, but if the country is finished, the businesses are screwed. This country operates at high cost to maintain is the US dollar, if the USD is gone, the US military is gone, the military is gone the US interests are gone, then the manpower will be lost and the US will cease to exist. Without the New Federal State of China, Whistleblower Movement, the American people’s knowledge of the  Communist China certainly will not reach this level today. This time the U.S. economy and the gold reserve have problems, the CCP’s plan to destroy the U.S. with money, the White extinction program, the plan to create racial antagonism , contradiction and the deep corruption of Blue,Gold and Yellow will gradually appear, in the process the U.S. will completely lose the No. 1 economic power, the No. 1 technological power, the No. 1 military power, the No. 1 credit country. This is the Communist Party’s 3F program to make America weak, mess up America, and kill America.
  7. 01:17:28  Malaysia’s current Foreign Minister Hisham Mudin, a close cousin of Najib, publicly called Wang Yi as his big brother, when he arrived in Beijing under the arrangement of Meng Jianzhu’s illegitimate son——Jho Low. Every word and phrase of the Alaska meeting was carefully arranged to humiliate the United States and is absolutely equivalent to the fall that Margaret Thatcher took in Beijing back then. The Queen and Margaret Thatcher had a very fractious relationship back then, but when Thatcher was forced to leave her post as Prime Minister at the most painful time, the Queen awarded her the Order of the British Empire. Their biggest conflict was the South African issue, when Mandela was arrested and the entire Commonwealth of Nations, forty-nine countries, wanted to jointly sanction South Africa, Thatcher’s son had a lot of business and land in South Africa so he opposed the sanctions, and the Queen for the first time publicly expressed her political views demanding sanctions, and the democratization of South Africa was definitely due to the Queen’s foresight. There are three things that the Margaret Thatcher admires most about Queen Elizabeth: first, she was awarded a Medal of Honour; second, she knew about her son but never said anything; third, she had great tactics in handling Diana’s problem. Diana was 100% not assassinated, her life was extremely open, nicknamed “revolving door”, “no need to change the quilt”, loved too many people in her life, his most loved is an Indian doctor. Charles was in love with one person in his life – Camilla, now the Communist Party is desperately trying to pull Andrew, but Charles is absolutely anti-communist. The Queen Elizabeth was absolutely at the summit of interpersonal relationships, truly faithful to God and very remarkable.
  8. 01:26:30  My friends from the Middle East sent me a message saying they won’t let me talk about gold in their country, and people from the British royal family also sent me a message saying I should stop talking about their family, it seems too many people are watching my live broadcast. The third daughter of JP Morgan likes our G-Fashion. I’m glad to talk to you about why the CCP wants to have an economic, political and relationship-pulling Qingming Festival, where the common people are the perpetual exploit and make money from dead. Talk about the extermination of the CCP by the US, uniting all the forces of the world to plunder all the gold, which will definitely rise dramatically in the future, and the CCP will then frantically challenge the position of the US dollar and try to do everything possible to make the US weak and messy and be killed. So whoever believes that the CCP will still exist, just go and follow it .And includes G-series investors, whoever calls us liars, please stay away from us. If you believe in the CCP, you don’t even have to go to the crematorium, you go straight to the cemetery.
  9. 01:34:00 Phony fellow fighters who have been lurking on various Farms lately are using the same tactics to send things to their fellow fighters , who need to have a minimum of logical judgment and common sense. Now GTV has two families receiving the CCP’s assignments, all in the United States, and they have assets. Anyone who sends you a denigration of GTV, be sure to leave the evidence behind, and in the future you can sue him for your losses.  The Whistleblower Movement follows that only the truth is unbreakable, as long as the fake will be destroyed, exterminate the CCP’s Fake, Black, Deception and Corruption.
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1 month ago

Brother 7 please continue to let us all understand the most important details regarding the CCP desires, deeds and development. It can unite many to take a stand against evil.