Xinjiang re-education model promoted in the mainland as coronavirus containment measures


Author: VOG-WenYong

As of now, many valuable first-hand pictures and videos have been released out of Wuhan, the center of coronavirus outbreak(refer to other articles on GNews), and cities and villages all over mainland China to offer a glimpse of the real situation of coronavirus outbreak and how CCP has implemented its preventative measures — one of which the city lockdown has drawn citizens traumatic. People get away from such lockdown regulations but it leads to serious consequences.

Recently a picture posted in social software has revealed that an individual violated the “curfew” requirements and therefore was taken into a “detention center” that was used to be an exhibition outlet. A digression from the incident, the person was caught when walking the dog. However, you may feel even ridiculous that the detainees can get food or be released only when passing paper exams in relation to coronavirus infection control, with men in uniform keeping tabs on them. 

Read apologizing letters, just like what’s happening in Xinjiang.

Well, it’s not the end of the story. The detainee may have a repentance letter to read, in case he or she is unsure, or read it after the enforcement officer, one sentence to another. The whole process will be recorded in the way that “wrongdoings” are carved in stone. Above all, it just gives a slight flavor of the hypocrisy by which CCP runs the entire country and rules its people.

Behind the hilarious scenes and words, fear gathers as it occurs to me that the Xinjiang re-education camps model, highlighted in a recent tweet as well, is about to be exercised in Wuhan and mainland China elsewhere in the name of containing coronavirus. People from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak will be enduring enormous suffering from both the pandemic and the abuse of power of law enforcement under the rule of CCP. 

Unless we burst out in silence, we perish in it. Before that, for Wuhan people and all the people from China, just stay hungry, stay foolish; stay safe and stay cool. Chinese people shall be fully aware of the evil nature of CCP and the fact that a new China free of CCP is yet to come.