CCP Knows How to End This Made-in-China Pandemic

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plans to upgrade an airstrip on one of Kiribati’s islands in a bid to revive a site that hosted military aircraft during World War II.

  • The CCP has extended its clutches beyond the first island chain.

In a lengthy communique issued after the two-day summit, The Group of Seven(G7) foreign ministers condemned “human rights violations” in Xinjiang and Tibet as well as China’s “arbitrary, coercive economic policies”. and expressed concern over the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

  • Even though G7 also accused Russia but they still viewed Communist China as a greater threat than Russia.
  • Unfortunately, the communiqué did not say anything about investigation into the origin of the CCP virus or the trace of the CCP’s Coronavirus cover-up.

President Donald Trump is a lone hero,while President Joe Biden, an experienced politician, prefers to team up fighting  monsters.  

Jamie Metzl, a Biden-linked World Health Organization (WHO) adviser, told Fox News that If Communist China allows for a thorough investigation into the coronavirus by fully accessing resources and data, experts could know its true origin just within months.

  • This is a clear warning to the CCP,  and the US must have all the information about the virus. Now they just give the CCP another chance to come clean.
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