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When thinking about Director Chloé Zhao, the first thing came to mind was her experience of leaving the Communist Party controlled China and living in the United Kingdom and the United States at the age of 14. Leaving Mainland China often means leaving the shackles of mind and the so-called social standards of following the herd. And it means living in a free world as a person with independent personality.

In the machiavellian social environment created by the CCP, the CCP likes to provide people with a unified standard and a unified face, so that everyone lives according to the CCP’s designated communist template.

For child education, the purpose is to promote conformity to CCP’s dogma and memorizing knowledge for exams as oppose to guide and promote free thinking and creative ideas. It is about studying how to kill their eccentricity and unorthodox ideas and force them to achieve good scores according to the teachers and parents’ expectations.

The CCP does not like the existence of a large number of people with independent thinking ability. For the CCP, freedom of thinking is dangerous to the regime they are dying to maintain.

In the eyes of the CCP, to love the West is to admire foreigners and to like the West is to disrespect one’s own ethnicity.

However, the reason most Chinese people admire the West is because of the human rights, freedom, and equality possessed by the Western civilized world. Each person is an individual capable of being respected.

As long as it doesn’t endanger others, anyone can live the life they want according to their own preferences, and there is no absolute pattern of life as it should be.

This is the so-called attraction of the Western world, and it is also what the CCP does not want every Chinese to have.

It is because of her 25 years of living in the western world and her reflections on the freedom to live that director Zhao has been able to make films that provoke thought in United States.

It can be asserted that she would never be able to make such a film of depth in the CCP controlled China. When making films in the CCP controlled China, the first criterion will be whether it is politically correct, whether the art expressed can be reviewed and approved by the National Radio and Television Administration, and all her artistic creations will not be able to expand beyond the framework of the CCP’s political requirements.

Creation that is bound by politics is not art any more, it should be called political propaganda. Any individual’s insight has its one-sidedness and limitations. How can a few dozen leaders of the so-called General Administration of Radio, Film and Television censor the minds of 1.4 billion Chinese people and all artistic creations?

The quality of the art will be reflected and judged by the market.

Director Chloé Zhao‘s success is something that all Chinese people should be encouraged.

Director Chloé Zhao, a Chinese living in the civilized Western world, lives as a human being, has freedom to think independently and her mindsinspires people and the world, she is never a mindless human machine.

This is also the vision of New Federal State of China to create a free world where every Chinese is respected, live with dignity, have courage and guts, and liver herself in the free world.

Live life with purpose, understand the motivations of your lifer, live for yourself, and live with dignity.

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