You wicked cops, go home, your family is threatened by Coronavirus too!


By GM70 and translated by Arthur.

With the progression of the COVID-19, and the situation going from bad to worse, the tragic events have put 1.4 billion people on the verge of an abyss. The mutating and contagious virus has put everybody in danger and despair.

No medications, no help after infection, no masks, nowhere to run, no home to return to, no family to see! No one knows how many killed their own family, or committed suicide out of great fear. Many people were beaten, chased and killed by thuggish cops — or by bullies of the villages, or gangsters setting road-blocks.

This is a true catastrophe! A disaster rarely has seen even in a thousand years of history. What is worse: it is now expanding to the whole world. All eyes are on Wuhan; all eyes are on China. However, the government ignored the safety of the nation and refused to allow any international aid to come in. Also, they tried to trigger hatred among the people by telling them America sends no help.

The huge amount of medical care, experts, and protective equipment cannot get to the people in most need. By spreading a rumour that the US has sent zero help (and that the virus probably originated in the West), the pain of normal people was aggravated. The evil government and dictators are only creating hatred among nations and peoples.

If you dare, open up the border; if you are incompetent, quit or be fired! Mercy and justice demand that international aid get to the suffering people.