Weibo: Wuhan doctor says Covid-19 treatments are placebo-like

[Disclaimer: GNews is not able to validate the doctor’s claims due to lack of transparency in China. So, please do not use this information in any decision making except for pressuring the Chinese government to be more transparent on Covid-19.]

Recently, a Weibo post by some frontline doctors in Wuhan, which revealed the clinical manifestations of patients with Covid-19 infection, has terrified the public.

Here are the words from the frontline doctors:

How the patient felt before death:

Breathing was difficult until the last few minutes, and the patient was awake throughout.

The patient will call for help, crying and crying, “Doctor, save me …” With the strenuous struggle, until the last breath is exhaled.

The cause of death is essentially the same as drowning.

After accumulating a large amount of mucus into the lungs, oxygen cannot enter. The lungs are filled with jelly-like secretions caused by the virus.

The breathing function is completely lost, and no matter how concentrated oxygen can get into the blood. For sputum suction, the end can not be reached by bronchoscopy.

There is no medicine.

Initially, pure oxygen was delivered to the patient without intubation.

After about three or five days, the patient got over the respiratory problem phase if the oxygen saturation level in his blood could rise to a normal range.

If the patient did not get over the respiratory problem phase,

the doctor needed to put on a non-invasive ventilator, or cut the trachea, intubate the invasive ventilator. With a non-invasive ventilator, the patient is prone to respiratory muscle fatigue.

Treatment is divided into four steps:

1) High flow oxygen therapy,

2) If it doesn’t work, put on a non-invasive ventilator,

3) If the non-invasive ventilator is not effective for two hours, the trachea should be intubated.

4) In the end, use ECMO (artificial heart-lung machine) if possible.

Why not intubate a critically ill patient?

Each step has preconditions and corresponding standards.

From a hardware perspective, the prerequisite for tracheal intubation is a laminar flow ward, and the ratio of medical care to intubation after intubation must reach 1: 2-3.

Our current situation is that there is no laminar flow ward and it is impossible to allocate manpower according to specifications.

In our top hospitals with more than 1,000 beds, there is only one bed that can satisfy the tracheal intubation treatment for patients with Covid-19.

Risks of intubating in general wards

All our doctors and nurses will be put in danger of getting infected.

The patient is irritated during suction. The aerosol would be sprayed out as soon as the patient coughs.

After intubation, there will be 24 hours of uninterrupted spray of Covid-19 aerosol (from the patient). The air in the entire room will be contaminated.

Therefore, such high-risk, high-exposure operations are never allowed in general wards. This is also a bloody lesson that SARS has taught us.


After being admitted to the hospital due to a serious illness, the hospital’s treatment ventilator has no great help.

Neither non-invasive nor invasive ventilator (intubation) helped much in the eventual reversal of the disease.

Only 10% of the patient can be saved.

Once the trachea is intubated (invasive ventilator), the patient’s condition is not optimistic, because tracheal intubation can cause pain for the patients, increase body irritation, and lead to combined respiratory bacterial infections.

Several designated hospitals that specialize in critically ill patients have very low rescue success rates.

Currently, high flow oxygen is preferred over intubation.

ECMO provides heart-lung bypass support outside of the body

If the patient’s lungs stopped working, ECMO became artificial lungs just to sustain life.

White-out Lungs

The white-out lungs could easily become fibrotic and cannot be reversed unless a lung transplant is performed.

Covid-19 infection

  • highly contagious
  • easy to become life-threatening
There is a video showing a patient with difficulty breathing. The video itself did not specify that this was a Covid-19 patient but someone sent it to GNews as a Covid-19 related video.

[Disclaimer: GNews is not able to validate the doctor’s claims due to lack of transparency in China. So, please do not use this information in any decision making except for pressuring the Chinese government to be more transparent on Covid-19.]

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