HK Police Obstruct Lawful Protest from Taking Place On Time


In Fo Tan, residents protested against the government’s use of Chun Yeung Estate as Isolation Centre on Sunday, February 16.

Having obtained the letter of no objection from the police, the rally originally scheduled at 3pm was, however, delayed till 5pm due to police opposition.

Photo credit: Stand News

Special Crowd Management vehicles and Unimog Vehicles were on site standing by, while the police set up road blocks at Fo Tan to search passing vehicles.

Starting from 3 pm, there had been stop-and-search operations in multiple areas in Fo Tan, during which two reporters were searched and were asked by policemen, “Does the Stand News sell newspaper?”, “Do you guys get paid?”, “Do you guys need to standby at all times?”

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02