[CCP Genocide] Whose Guardian: The CCP’s Running Dog?

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The Guardian published a lengthy calumny on April 30th.  After reading the whole article, many people can see a very clear message, which is that whoever fights against the CCP or does not like the Biden administration will be the target of this outlet’s suppression and diatribe. Obviously, through this article, Jason Wilson has shown the CCP his effort in guarding the Chinese Communist Party.

This article does not have much difference when comparing a recording of Angelo Carusone’s words to Jason Wilson. Angelo Carusone, the president of left-leaning watchdog organization Media Matters, faced scrutiny over a series of derogatory comments that resurfaced from The Daily Caller.

In one of his comments written in 2019, Carusone wrote, “Did you notice the word attractive? What the fuck is that doing in there? Is the write[r] a tranny lover too? Or, perhaps he’s trying to justify how these trannies tricked this Bangladeshi in the first place? Look man, we don’t need to know whether or not they were attractive. The fucking guy was Bangladeshi…”

From his response, people can see how frustrated Carusone was when he saw someone described transvestites as “attractive”. His frustration in some ways also reflects his abnormal psychology towards society. It seems that in his mind, people that he dislikes do not deserve the right to be respected or endorsed by others. People also can take another thing from his response, which is that he dislikes these transvestites not because they have rubbed a Bangladeshi, but simply because they are transvestites. This is exactly how some of the far-leftists act in society now.

 The Daily Caller also reported that Carusone led a left-wing boycott campaign against Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Carusone and Media Matters helped the left to defame Tucker Carlson and get him fired by pointing to many statements that Carlson made on a radio shock jock show between 2006 and 2011.

At the beginning of the article, Jason Wilson said, “the Epoch Times, believed to be linked to the Chinese religious movement, is part of an anti-CCP influence operation tapping into the US right, according to a media watchdog.” He also said, “…especially the Epoch Times, were always critical of China…” Apparently, the Epoch Times and anti-CCP activities have become victims for Jason’s targets. He tried to persuade readers to believe that the Epoch Times and the anti-CCP movement are right-wing related. He claimed that the Epoch Times criticized “China”. The truth is that the Epoch Times criticized the CCP. Many people know that China is not the CCP and the CCP is not China. Did he deliberately try to confuse his readers about the different meanings between the concepts of the CCP and China?

In 2012, Investors has reported that The Justice Department worked in collusion with left-wing media “watchdog” Media Matters to suppress critics who’ve embarrassed the Obama administration. The report said, “Media Matters, recall, is an organization that seeks to drive the press leftward by harassing and shaming mainstream reporters as ‘conservatives’ if their reporting doesn’t toe the White House party line.”

It seems to be that similar things are happening again with the Biden administration. In Jason’s article, he said, “Through 2020 and into the early life of the Biden administration, Epoch Times and NTD alike promoted conspiracy theories related to the QAnon movement, the supposedly compromising international ties of Hunter Biden…”

He also said, “…One America News and Newsmax have profited by supplying the seemingly bottomless appetite among the rightwing grassroots for material that depicts American politics as a tangle of elite conspiracies…”

Jason Wilson did well on carrying out this ‘rule’ from Media Matters. He shamed Epoch Times, NTD, One America News and Newsmax by tying them together with “conspiracy theories,” because they have “embarrassed” the Biden administration.

There is another ridiculous part in his article, which is when he said, “Although there is no evidence of direct cooperation, they have already shown a willingness to echo anti-China messaging with the likes of the former Trump aide Steve Bannon and billionaire Chinese exile Guo Wengui, also known as Miles Kwok, who has financed Bannon’s activities through consulting contracts and donations.” Jason knew that whatever he said here is not based on evidence and facts. However, he continued to spread misinformation for his boss by slandering Steve Bannon and Miles Kwok.

Therefore, it is necessary to pinpoint his false reports one by one.  First, Miles Kwok is not a Chinese exile. After Miles Kwok came to the America, Beijing has sent many top CCP officials to visit him to persuade him to go back to China. Beijing agreed to release all his family members from jail, as well as return all of his properties to him. However, Miles Kwok rejected the CCP’s offers, because he did not want to stop exposing the CCP’s corruptions, evilness, and genocide against the Uyghurs to the world. Miles Kwok decided to stay in the US and fight against the CCP for the Chinese people who have no liberty, freedom, and rule of law in Communist China. Miles Kwok started the Whistleblower Movement. Miles Kwok works hard every day with his fellow warriors to take down the CCP. Miles Kwok is not a Chinese exile. He is a Chinese hero who really loves China and America.

Chinese people, especially the Chinese people of the New Federal State of China, have no doubts about Mr. Bannon and Miles Kwok’s love for China and the Chinese people. In Mr. Bannon’s broadcasts, he has mentioned multiple times about his life experiences in China.  Miles Kwok always reminds people that China is not the CCP, and the CCP is not China. The truth is that Miles Kwok, Steve Bannon, and their fellow warriors are fighting to take down the CCP, not China.

 Additionally, in Miles Kwok’s livestreams, he has clarified many times that there are no financial relationships between Mr. Bannon and him. Miles Kwok does not even have a credit card or a car under his name. He also stressed that the Whistleblower Movement would never get involved in a bipartisan race between Democrats and Republicans.

Once again, he referred the CCP to China. Now, his readers have no problem understanding that he deliberately described all anti-communist people or anti-communist activities as anti-China people and anti-China activities. This is a despicable way for him to defend the CCP.

Jason said, “from as early as January 2020, Bannon and Kwok were attempting to spread a narrative alleging that the pandemic was caused by a Chinese bioweapon, both on Bannon’s radio program and on their shared media venture, G News. The Epoch Times followed that April with a documentary that repeated the bioweapon claims, and have taken further opportunities to allege, without basis, that China’s government started the pandemic deliberately.”

Once again, Jason distorted and hid the truth about the CCP virus. The truth is that in early January of 2019, Mr. Bannon and his War Room hosts were the first Americans who told the American people that there was a pandemic coming. After that, President Trump ordered to stop all the CCP airplanes from coming to the US.  On the other hand, Dr. Mengyan. Li has written three reports to prove that the CCP virus is an unrestricted bioweapon. Dr. Lawrence Sellin and many experts also consider this CCP virus as an unrestricted bioweapon. Former top State Department investigator, David Asher, has said that the CCP virus is from the CCP’s biological weapons program.

Jason tried to mislead his readers by saying that the CCP did not start the pandemic deliberately. He tried to claim that it was just an accident. However, he forgot that after two missions were conducted by the WHO on the CCP virus’ origin, the WHO dismissed the lab leak theory. Jason asked for evidence to the CCP’s innocence. He believes that his readers are too stupid to know that under no condition will the CCP show any raw data on the early days of the pandemic.

Interestingly, on October 22, 2010, Philanthropy news reported that Media Matters received George Soros’ first $1 million gift. In the report, George Soros claimed that Fox News distributed “false and misleading information”.

People might know who else made donations to Media Matter. After reading this article, people may speculate on their lists of foreign donors.

Reference link:

Falun Gong-aligned media push fake news about Democrats and Chinese communists

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