The Sins of the “Cultural Revolution”- Betrayal Upon Betrayal

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The Cultural Revolution launched by Mao Zedong in 1966, also known as the “Ten-Year Catastrophe”, has been a nightmare for generations of people. Mao’s dictatorship and blind command caused the “three-year famine” from 1959 to 1961, which killed tens of millions of people (a minimum of 36 million per official records), so the CCP forced Mao to retire to the second line. In order to regain his leadership in the CCP and consolidate one-party dictatorship, Mao used the pretext of “anti-Soviet and anti-U.S. empire” to stir up conflicts among all classes in the country, and encouraged people to report on each other, even between family members. This campaign, which had nothing to do with “culture”, lasted for an entire decade. According to statistics, during this Revolution, the number of unnatural deaths in the country amounted to 20 million, including 100,000 to 200,000 suicides by persecution, while Mao himself was put on the “altar of God” and the whole society reached the peak of personal worship of Mao.

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I have always remembered the experience of a neighbor. His family and his mother, a total of three generations and six people lived in a small house of only about 150 square feet. He never wanted to talk to others.  If he walked across the street, he would carefully turn sideways and let us pass first.  Every Sunday, I would see him sweeping the streets and cleaning with a group of “bad elements”.  Even on New Year’s Day, he would be on time to receive criticism at the neighborhood committee.

A few years later, I learned from other neighbors that his parents had been capitalists and were beaten down during the Cultural Revolution. In addition to experiencing the raids and confiscation of family assets, his parents were arrested and taken away. He had an older brother who, in response to Mao’s call, took the initiative to report on his capitalist parents and uncovered the so-called “incriminating evidence” of his parents. His father’s crime was compounded, and he was killed soon afterwards.  My neighbor’s fate was rewritten from then on.

The political environment at the time was such that the line had to be drawn with the “bad elements”. Because his parents were classified as “black five”, his entire family were spit on and scolded everyplace they went by the reeducated society, even by the children.  He also worked in the factory with fear and trepidation and had to be constantly re-educated by the working class to reform his thinking. His father’s death added to his mental stress and he was sullen all day long. His eldest daughter responded to the call to “go to the mountains and go to the countryside” and went to the faraway Yunnan Province to work. His only son committed suicide because he could not bear the life. After all these blows, the neighbor himself died of cancer 3 years later, leaving his mother, wife and daughter behind. His poor mother lost her husband as a young woman, and then her son and grandson in her old age… three generations of her family were torn apart by the “Cultural Revolution” started by one man.

It is said that “a grain of dust of the times is a big mountain when it falls on one’s head”, and the “Cultural Revolution” was a mountain that not only destroyed the body and soul of that generation, but also affected generations before and after. To this day, its residual poison is still flowing in the marrow of Chinese people, and right and wrong are indistinguishable.  Truth and falsehood remain unclear, good cannot be lifted and evil cannot be eliminated!  What is even more sad is that Xi Jinping now wants to repeat the same mistakes, elevate himself to be a god, and go back to the old path of the Cultural Revolution. He not only wants to eliminate the dissidents in the CCP, but also wants to bring the 1.4 billion Chinese people back to the time of “reeducation” and “cancel culture”, to suffer twice, to bring China back to the barbaric land far from civilization!  There is no savior or god Xi in this world!  Only by having faith and believing in righteousness will our souls be saved and there will be hope for China!

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