CCP deprives political dissidents of their working seniority, leaving a large number of them lost pension

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the CCP is based on outdated documents. Many employees reeducated through labor, dismissed, dismissed, or left the company on their own. In their later years, they cannot enjoy the pension and medical insurance benefits they have accumulated through their own labor because of their “zero years of working seniority.”Some people have paid social security for one or two decades, but they cannot receive their pensions, and their lives are in trouble when they retire. Although some people have also organized large-scale legal rights defense, litigation, the court did not accept, but in the end, all in vain. Recently, some victims reported that these people were “zeroed out” because they had no income and were in a desperate situation. Some even committed suicide by lying on the rail.

The document on which the CCP bases its wage zeroing is a document used in the 1950s when the CCP was engaged in the class struggle. It was a document used by the CCP in the 1950s when it was engaged in the class struggle in China. At that time, the main targets were the so-called “counter-revolutionaries” and “bad elements.” These were all ambiguous concepts on the legal level, and these documents were illegal. To persecute political dissidents and democrats, the CCP is using this outdated document to “zero out” the salaries of a large number of people. The purpose is to make dissidents and democrats choose to shut up to survive so that those who “do not listen to the Party” cannot survive.

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