[May 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(YY)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada)(Liberte)

Getter Video link: [May 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

[May 1, 2021] Video translation

I didn’t finish just now, brothers and sisters. Many fellow fighters said that there was something under my nose. This thing under my nose is congenital. It used to be very big, then gradually became blurred. There is one more here on my chin. This has been a feature since I was born.

In addition, brothers and sisters, many fellow fighters sent me messages about the Getter I sent yesterday. I said that if you had done volunteer work for us in the past, including volunteering for the original VOG of “Hideous Wei, the Nine-Fingered Demon Sara”, you must contact your Himalaya farm. If the farm ignores your request, you can ask me directly. In case the farm has already reported your volunteer work, then don’t contact me. How can I handle everything by myself right? If your farm does not treat you fairly, then let me know. Okay, brothers and sisters? I will solve it. 

From yesterday to now, many fellow fighters sent me information about this issue. To be honest, some of your requests are ridiculous. For example, some fellow fighters tried to invest a few hundred dollars in our G series but failed to transfer money several times. Some people remitted several hundred dollars to VOG, and their funds were frozen because of Hideous Wei (Sara). Someone wrote a dozen articles, someone did a little bit of work on Discord, in total spending ten or so hours. These people are asking for Himalaya coins now. This is impossible, brothers and sisters. 

Brother-7 is a man but not a God. Why is this?  Because we all have feelings and desires, and we all have the essential ability to make judgments. If I give you Himalaya coins in this way, how can I justify it to other fellow fighters? Brother-7 is also affectionate with those fellow fighters. Therefore, I cannot do this. I hope my fellow fighters will understand. You can’t make excessive demands. If you ask too much, you will lose more. 

But if you indeed have done work and have contributed to our Movement, for example, we are now gathering information about many fellow fighters who were invited to “drink tea” (interrogated by the CCP police) and oppressed in China. If you have done a lot, you really have made extraordinary contributions. These fellow fighters have lost so much. Please be sure to contact your Himalaya Farms. If your farm doesn’t solve the problem for you, then let me know. I will definitely help you. 

The messages all of you have sent to me. I just looked at my mobile phone. There are 3700 messages. It is impossible for me to process them all. I can take care of a maximum of 3000 messages a day. If there are too many things to do, generally speaking, I can only process 2000 messages. So, brothers and sisters, you may not receive my reply for the time being, but I will get back to you.

But if I find that you are making impossible demands, e.g., a fellow fighter who sent me a message like this: “I am XX, Brother-7, can I do this? Can I get this?” If you ask this kind of question, I will block you directly. Because you are not here to solve the problem, you are here to make trouble. You should tell me straight: “Who am I, when was I a volunteer, since when I participated in the G-Series and/or the Whistleblower Movement, what persecution I have suffered, etc.” This kind of request must be resolved. 

If you come to make trouble with your questions I cannot help you. I answer your first question. Then you ask a second question. I answer question two, and then you say it is question three you need answered. How do I have time to answer all your questions? My time and energy are wasted on you, and I cannot deal with the real issues of fellow fighters who truly need help. I hope my fellow fighters can understand.

In addition, my fellow fighters, everybody knows that our deadline is May 17th. Before May 17th, if you contact our Himalaya Farms regarding the G-Series investment and the future G-TV restructuring, you will be able to enjoy the new benefit. That is, each 1 US dollar investment equals 10 new G-TV stocks. 

Regarding the quota for Himalaya coins. I will make it clear to everyone: it will be over by then. Only if there are special circumstances during this period, there may be a small amount, very small amount, of Himalaya coins available. Fellow fighters, please check with our Himalaya farms for details. Don’t misunderstand the distribution rules for this very small number of Himalaya coins. Otherwise, your requests will be off the track again. This small amount is only for those fellow fighters who had problems sending their money, or whose remittance were sent back, and their problem is still being resolved. In this case, your Himalaya Coin quota will definitely be given to you as long as your money arrives before May 17th. 

All fellow fighters from the original VOG, including from our Himalaya farms in Canada, your problems are in the process of being solved. Let me clarify this to you again, because you have asked me many questions about these two places. The Himalaya Coin quota for fellow fighters from these two places will be given to you as expected. But those Himalaya coins will be held by the Himalaya Alliance Committee at the beginning. 

Before we have received your investment money to our G-Series, you will not be given the Himalaya coins according to your quota. According to the quota, when the banks unblock your money, and we have received the money, we will give Himalaya coin to you. But there is a time limit. If the quota is given to you, you must have paid the fees to your registered farm to buy Himalaya Coins before the date when Himalaya Coin officially circulates in the market. Himalaya Exchange is online now. If you do not pay for the Himalaya Coins to your farm by then, your quota is gone. 

In short, you will have your share of Himalaya Coin. But if you don’t pay before the coin officially circulates, then you won’t have these coins anymore. So, you must contact your farm. That’s why our Himalaya farms are so important. Brothers and sisters, think about what we would be able to do without these farms? How much trouble would we be in? So, everyone must love your farm and make the farm strong.

For example, the newly established ‘Himalaya Vancouver Sailing Farm’ in Canada aims to set up a service model to serve a place as prominent as Canada, and with so many Chinese people. We give the farm a policy preference. It must turn a “Canada of big trouble” into a “Canada of big help” for the Whistleblower Movement, and the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and offer the greatest help to our fellow fighters. Canada must be where we have the most fellow fighters and the biggest group of fellow fighters. 

Separately, the farms in Europe, Asia, including Australia and the western US, we all hope that these farms can be as strong as possible. The premise of your strength is to have a sense of service. What I hate the most is hearing talk in a bureaucratic tone, starting with “um” and “ha” as soon as you open your mouth. This is the most boring and embarrassing. It shows that you are very ignorant. Only if you truly love your fellow fighters, sincerely and tirelessly serve them, can you gain the respect of your fellow fighters and attract more people to join in. 

You see, some of our fellow fighters are joining us with their families. Right? I just saw our Twins, Lao Ban Zhang’s (Chairman of Himalaya Alliance Committee) two daughters, who are one of the earliest to join us, came out to sing again on GTV. These two kids have changed so much since last year. They look like different people today. The children are growing up. People are joining us family by family. The ones who are on the front line of our Whistleblower Movement are those with their families. When you serve your fellow fighters well, the whole family will follow you. The service of the farm is always related and consistent with the interests of the fellow fighters you serve.  

Everybody knows that the restructuring of our G-TV company will start from the end of May and end in June, finish in June. And Himalaya Coin will start its global circulation in June. I hope that we will convey this good news on the first anniversary of the NFSC, and use our actions to spread this best news to our fellow fighters around the world, including those living behind the wall of CCP China. We can use our actions to prove that the Whistleblower Movement, and the New Federal State of China have the ability to make our fellow fighters live a decent life legally and in a clean way. At the same time, we have the ability to take down the CCP. We will take a series of actions.  

This is why brother-7 has spent a whole year doing all these things. This is precisely the reason. I want my fellow fighters to learn. In the past, 99% of people dare not support the Whistleblower Movement because the CCP is too evil and has kidnapped everyone. And among the 99%, a large number of people dare not, and cannot, support us because their family members are held hostage by the CCP because of their own interests and lifestyle issues. Whom can we rely on? It’s not that easy, is it? The other issue is that some don’t believe us, and some people neither believe, dare, nor can support us. We must find a way to let the unbelievers believe us, the dare-nots to dare, and those who are unable to be able to. 

Therefore, we build our G-Series. We have found many partners around the world and give many benefits to others. Brother-7 doesn’t even have a single share. Why? We want to unite the moguls and the economic power of the world’s “swamp”. So, all those fellow fighters in China who do not believe us, who can-not, or dare-not participate in our movement, will finally realize: “wow! The NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement do not just have us, a group of Robin Hood-like figures, not only our grassroots group. The most powerful forces in the world are standing with us.” In this way, everyone who never believes, dares, or cannot join us will come together with us in the end. This is our purpose. 

So, the Himalaya farms are too vital, brothers and sisters. Serve your fellow fighters well, okay? I also hope that my fellow fighters value your time and the time of Brother-7’s. Don’t send boring messages anymore.

Please! Thank you. I’m going to eat now.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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