[Commentary] Something Big is About to Happen When a Country Has Only One Voice

Author: MOS Writing Group    Wenya621

On April 29, Mr. Guo Wengui said in his Getter on GTV that Communist China now has only one voice which is the voice of the Foreign Ministry. He said that, in history, “when a country has only one voice, it’s time for something big to happen in that country.”

Looking back at history, Mr. Guo’s words are indeed true.

During World War II, entire Germany was under the surveillance of the Gestapo and the secret police. Anyone who opposed Hitler’s Nazi Party would be arrested and sent to prison. As a result, no different voices could be heard in Germany. “Hi, Hitler” and “Heil Hitler” became the mainstream voices. Under the high-pressure control, Hitler’s power became more and more unlimited. Finally, he launched World War II which brought a catastrophe to all Europe and the German people. As we all know, World War II ended with the surrender of Germany and the suicide of Hitler himself.

The same thing happened in Japan during the same period. At that time, the Japanese emperor’s regime firmly controlled all kinds of media, including radio, newspapers, movies, music, and cartoons, etc.. The Japanese people could only think in a prescribed way with limited content. Any opposing views were attacked as “extreme ideas” or “communist ideas.” Those who had supported liberal ideas in the past were forced to leave political life and were imprisoned. The official government used various slogans to force-feed the Japanese people the so-called “correct” ideas and beliefs: “I desire nothing but victory,” “100 million people, one idea,” “Support the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity,” “We will not ceasefire until the enemy ceases fire” ……

In the end, after the “Pearl Harbor” attack, Japan was completely crushed by the United States with two atomic bombs and had to surrender, causing incalculable loss of lives and properties to the Japanese nation and people.

These painful lessons are right in front of us. How similar the current situation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is to that of Germany and Japan during World War II.

Around Communist China, the whole country is studying “Xi’s Quotations”, making Xi Jinping a “god”, holding Xi Jinping’s thoughts high, and uniting around the Central Party headed by the “Great God Xi.”

The high control and suppression of the media in Communist China are comparable to those of Japan back then. People can only watch the reports of the central mouthpiece like CCTV and Global Times. All other voices are banned. Some media on WeChat, Weibo, and self-published channels have been shut down for various reasons. Movies, TV dramas, and music are all glorifying the main theme. Any works that singing down the CCP will be “shot down”. Whistleblowers like Dr. Li Wenliang ended up being killed on various pretexts.

The CCP has tightened its blockade on the Internet, not only by setting up a high “firewall” to prevent people from watching the real reports from outside, but also by strictly regulating the major search engines in China. People are blocked from searching for some sensitive terms so that they secretly use harmonics or other methods to circumvent the regulation. We can see a glimpse from the recent suppression and blocking of Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao by the CCP’s official media.

How can a great country be so unconfident? Why can’t it tolerate a director who wins glory for the Chinese? Obviously, it is because she pierces the essence of the CCP’s falseness, evilness, and ugliness, and speaks with a different voice from the CCP.

In addition to its oppressive rule, which does not allow dissenting voices in the country, the CCP is waging an evil war, just like Germany and Japan did during World War II.

Internally, it is constantly fighting among the various factions within the Party, arresting and killing people everywhere to exclude dissidents;

Externally, it suppressed the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, turning Hong Kong into “one country, one system,” and militarizing to attack Taiwan by force;

To the world, it developed and released the coronavirus, a super-limited biochemical weapon, causing a tragic situation in which more than 100 million people were infected and tens of millions of people dead all over the world. In fact, the CCP has started World War III, and each of us is in the midst of World War III of super-limited biological weapons.

What the CCP has done has far exceeded the bottom line of human beings and we can imagine that such a Party is not far from extinction.

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