Putin’s Russia Is a Wild Card

The Liaoning aircraft carrier was purchased from Russia, but is being used in the American way, so it certainly has no combat effectiveness.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken talked about U.S.-Russia relationship at a press conference after the G7 summit , saying the U.S. prefer more stable ties with Russia but that much depended on how Russian President Putin decided to act after he meets President Joe Biden this month.

  • The U.S. still wants to draw Russia back in the G7 to fight against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) together.

Taiwan’s government is investigating whether a man from mainland China managed to cross the highly militarised Taiwan Strait in a small rubber dinghy.

  • The story this man told to the Taiwanese police was too suspicious. Mr. Lu De and the guests believe this man was probably  sent by the CCP.  At this crucial moment, if people like him are caught, they will say they come for “freedom and democracy.” And if they slip through the net, they may go to spread the viruses.
  • Taiwan is about to conduct the Han Kwang exercise, so hopefully it can tighten its border defense.
Highlights of Lu De Media (Evening) on May 3, 2021

A classified study of the origin of the CCP virus conducted a year ago by scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory concluded the SARS-CoV-2 may have originated in a laboratory in China.

  • Lu De Media has held to the five points originally proposed since January 20 of last year: 1. The CCP cover up the COVID19 pandemic 2. This virus is human to human transmission 3. This virus is highly mutant 4. There is no intermediate host; the seafood market is just the smokescreen 5. this virus was lab-modified based on a Chinese military-owned virus.
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