Japan Asks the CCP to Shut Up Otherwise It Will Be the First to Decouple with the CCP

In the April 30, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo exposed that after the US-Japan summit, the CCP sent Wang Yi to constantly harass Japan, but Japan replied on the phone: “Do you dare to talk shit to me on this matter, I will be the first one to decouple with you economically.”

Now everyone can see the cooperation between the United States and Japan. Does the CCP dare to say a word? Does it dare to say a word? According to the intelligence that I have got, Japan told the CCP for the first time: Do you dare to talk shit to me on this matter, I will be the first one to decouple with you economically. It was not the CCP that threatened Japan to decouple, rather it was Japan who told the CCP: “I will be the first to decouple with you, the CCP bastard!” I heard that Wang Yi was shocked on the phone.

The Japanese were not joking. They mean it when they say it. Can the CCP still be tough? Once the CCP has no money, it will be nothing. Japan’s decoupling has really scared the CCP. After the US-Japan summit, the CCP repeatedly threatened Japan, by having Wang Yi to call Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This time they made it clear to Wang Yi: Do you dare to make a fuss about this matter, I will decouple with you. I (Japan) has already gone as far as this and the Yankee has finally promised me. So you’d better shut up!” This shows the power of money, right? Money, money, the power of money, my fellow fighters!

Second, didn’t Germany and France in Europe just kowtow to the CCP because of money? But this time the U.S. goes to Europe to give them more money. So, eventually France and Germany will definitely kneel under the feet of Americans who they dislike the most. It must end this way. This is what the capitalist society and capitalism inevitably lead to in the 21st century today.

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Video source: https://gtv.org/getter/608c20af4486aa0bb231afcf (1:40-3:28)
Acknowledgement: Thanks to Antsee-GTV and TING GUO for making the Chinese transcript available at https://www.gnews.org/zh-hans/1159871/

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