How here is one more purer….

Author : Jin Wang Editor :Isabella

How here 

Is one more purer

One more deserving

Another whiter

A color so wrong

How can the outsides

Of a thing make dirt 

Fiber and tissue 

Stronger than the Heart of the Soul

And how does the sun shine

Or the moon glow

Equally without judgement

Or doubt on every facet

Of Life without question or reason

As a storm crowns with terror

Who escapes its 

W   R   A   T   H

And is killing for hunger

The same as murder in rage

In awakened minds of Truth

How can we take pleasure

Knowing eventually

Greed and self-indulgence lead to demise

And how can lovely eyes hide

Such hateful revenge

Blinded by the incessant noise

That serves only those

O   B   S   E   S   S   E   D 

To rile, rule and divide

And enslave us into submission

All my questions 


Throughout the ages of time

From centuries of presumed 

Wisdom, religion and philosophy

Leader or peasant

Young or old

Weak or strong

Yet still children 

Born of Light

Born of Love

Lured into the clutches of Darkness

And since the clouds open exactly the same

For All of Creation 

As they do for every man, woman and child

The storm’s turmoil neither

Measures good nor bad

Not all storms come to disrupt our lives

Some come to clear our path

And lead us into the service of

Humility, mercy, forgiveness

And above all


And as the trees and grasses grow

And the leaves fall and winds blow 

As well for the 

Masses of All colors

And the seasons’ ebb and flow 

Turns freeze to boil

Isn’t it with reason I ask 

How then 

Did man

Reach the conclusion

Of his 


At all

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