Funds fleeing from CCP’s grasp have been drawn towards the G-series. The might of capital has no limits

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech.

Talking about the Himalayas (H) COINS.

After the listing of Himalayas Farm H DOLLAR,

I am back to the level of respect and attention that I

accomplished 5 years ago.

That’s how realistic the world is.

You can even see this

in the current US-Japan cooperation.

Japan, for the first time, is saying to the CCP:

 “Don’t you dare bicker about this again”

 “We will be the first to impose complete economic decoupling”

I hear Wang Yi was dumbfounded on the phone.

Then there is Europe.

Germany and France both kowtow to the CCP only for the sake of money.

But on her visit to Europe this time round,

the US will offer them more money.

Eventually, both Germany and France will kneel down to Uncle Sam whom they most dislike.

Yesterday, a certain establishment indicated interest in buying a stake in GTV.

They eventually came up with a price.

When I saw the price

I got the biggest wake-up call.

We, ourselves don’t even know

the high degree of credibility and influence we have accumulated over the past years of the whistle-blower revolution

based only on the truth and nothing but the truth.

Then there is the value of GTV.

There is also the GTV, Himalayas H COIN, and Himalayas H DOLLAR.

And when they are all integrated with our G-club,

the combination will be powerful.

So, they clearly see that the CCP is doomed.

The money withdrawn from China is best invested in the China

of the future based on a new China concept.

Namely, the G-series launched after the foundation of the New Federal State of China.

GTV, G CLUBS, G FASHION, Himalayas H COIN and Himalayas HDOLLAR.

The great era has indeed arrived.

But we’re not quite ready yet.

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