[G Times] Politics and Current Affairs / Original Skit: Destroy the Chinese Communist Party with the Chinese Communist Party itself!

Author/Editor: Giselle
Translator: Xiao Hong Mao
Proofreader: Lish

Image Source: Athena Design Group — Jing Ling Lan

1, please briefly describe the five thousand years of Chinese “brothel culture” ……

–In ancient times, when a nobleman went to a brothel, there were always women with pipa in their arms, shyly saying to him: I sell my art, not my body ……

Nowadays, when a nobleman goes to a pornographic place, there are always a bunch of women who welcome him and say obsessively: I sell my body, not my art ……

2. Why does the Chinese Communist Party want to eliminate religion?

— Religion engenders virtue. A group that possesses virtue cannot tolerate doing evil, participating in evil, or enjoying evil.

Religion generates cohesion, the power of faith. It is difficult for a dictatorship to rule over a group that has the power of cohesion and faith.

3, What do you thinkof the Antifa to engage in sabotage inLondon?

— Sun Tzu said in the article “Fire Attack”: If you set fire from within the enemy, you must send troops to respond from outside early……

Don’t beat about the bush!

–Making a feint to the east and attacking in the west, Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao!

4, What do you think of the British magazine The Economist’s claim that Taiwan is the most dangerous region on earth?

–We have an old saying in China: The most dangerous places are often the safest. Taiwan looks dangerous, but it is the country with the best epidemic control and the most “bodyguards” on earth. …… So many carrier strike groups are near Taiwan. What are you afraid of?

So which country do you think is the most dangerous?

–The United States, India! The United States has more than 30 million people infected with the CCP virus, and nearly half of the population is vaccinated against the suspected CCP virus. India is even worse, with 400,000 people infected in a single day. Do you think it’s dangerous?

5, Why should we desperately avoid hot wars?

— 1, Hot war will smash the country to pieces, we can’t eat Lanzhou ramen when we return home CHINA; 2, Hot war will cause a large number of refugees, no country can afford it ……

A hot war now should not result in a large number of civilian casualties.

–It’s true that the -Union army won’t do it, but the CCP will! If you dare to drop bombs, the CCP will dare to kill women and children! Then make all sorts of tragic videos to be shown around the world and plant them all on the coalition army. How will you break it up? The Chinese Communist Party controls the world’s mainstream media, and various politicians are secretly staking the blame. A wave of anti-war will then be set off around the world. How do you fight this war?

Besides, we can’t let our homeland become an arms dealer’s paradise. Using our own money, buying other people’s arms, bombing our own homes and killing our own people ……

Then what do you think we should do?

–The highest level of war command is to use strategy to defeat the enemy.Make the enemy surrender without engaging in battle.

In other words: destroy the Chinese Communist Party with the Chinese Communist Party itself! When the army is overwhelmed, if you few old CCP thieves want to live, hand over the truth about the virus, hand over the antidote, end the one-party dictatorship, and stop centralize power in a dictatorship!

(The content of the article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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