【Frontline CCP Terminators】Let’s Roar, Fearless Frontline Warriors of the Whistleblowers’ Movement!

Author/Editor:Yi Zu
Translator:  Xiao Hong Mao
Proofreader: Janyvo

Image source: Onsite photos

On 2nd May, as the Melbourne campaign entered its third week,  the frontage of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Consulate in Melbourne was filled with loud and powerful roars of “TAKE DOWN THE CCP” from our fearless fellow fighters!   I could feel the strong conviction and formidable strength of our fellow fighters behind their every call even by watching the demonstration on screen.

One hundred years ago, Mr. Lu Xun, a medical practitioner, felt that as a doctor, he could only save one’s body, whereas writing could heal one’s mind.  Hence, he titled his first novel《Call To Arms》to support the Xinhai Revolution in China at that time.  By “shouting a few cheers”, and  “comforting those fierce men in their loneliness and driving them forward fearlessly”, he hoped to wake up most of the numb and ignorant people in China.

However, over the past hundred years, the stories of the protagonists in Lu Xun’s books are still happening in China today.  The pro-democracy hypocrites who lived off those who sacrificed their lives in the 4th June massacre; the poor and humble grassroots; the underdogs who do not deserve the surname Zhao; and the devoted-CCP fans who are at the bottom of the social ladder but are convinced that their surname are Zhao… All in all, China is still that same sick society, and the Chinese people are still the slaves of the kleptocrats of this country.

Today, one hundred years later in the year of Xinchu, when the entire world is gravely threatened and overshadowed by the CCP’s unrestricted biowarfare, the Chinese people once again are at the crossroads in choosing their fate: to be tied to the CCP and fall together at the CCP’s demise, or to be completely cut off from the CCP and march towards victory with the New Federal State of China?  The Whistleblowers’ Movement has already pointed to the right direction and became a beacon of hope for every Chinese person.

Through GTV’s live broadcast, the formidable message “CCP does not represent Chinese People” shouted out loud and clear by the fellow fighters in Melbourne were transmitted to every corner of the world.  The almighty roars of fellow fighters protesting onsite were not only an expression from within, but also represented the hearts and souls of all the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement worldwide.  This time, we will wake up those sleeping countrymen, and illuminate their hearts in pursuit of democracy, rule of law and freedom.

Twenty-two of our fellow fighters from three different farms throughout Australia and New Zealand gathered again in Melbourne this time, choosing to stand right in front of the CCP’s consulate to make their voice heard.  This demonstration was a bold declaration to the evil CCP regime that CCP does not represent the Chinese people.  All the fellow fighters on the scene were like fearless frontline warriors.  Their unyielding warrior spirit deserves the respect of every Chinese and every Australian at home and abroad.  Whilst we, fellow fighters behind the scenes, praised their courage, and cheered for their brave actions and heartfelt roars.  So to all the fellow fighters out there, if you heard your inner roars, do join us, the Whistleblowers’ Movement!


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