[Headline News] Persevering Warriors in the Spring Chill – Protest against the New York SEC Live Comprehensive Report

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It is still a chilly day in April New York. People passing by the SEC’s New York office building will find that a group of Chinese American protesters are standing neatly against the cold wind, holding protest signs and banners, handing out leaflets to passing pedestrians, and fighting for their demands.

One can clearly see the big banners even from a distance wrote “SEC, Immediately disclose all of its communications with the CCP and its party police”, “We demand the SEC to wholly compensate GTV investors’ loss”, etc. From the pictures, videos and audio sent back from the frontline, our hearts are all on these brave and persistent warriors.

This protest group consists of over 20 members from GTV investors and their families. Today marks the 15th day of their protests here. The protesters started out with GTV investors across the United States, among whom some from other states returned one after another and now it is mostly protesters in and around New York continuing to persevere here. Some of them came with their families — particularly an investor from Georgia, who joins the protest every day with her 80-year-old mother and her husband. It was especially touching. 

The SEC office building locates near the river and the recent gusty winds and gloomy weather made people feel bitter cold. As the protesting site is an open-air environment without any shelter, this poses a double challenge to the protesters who are standing firm both in body and in the will. They tend not to drink more water to avoid the inconvenience of going to the toilet. But even with all these challenges and inconveniences, they are still lining up neatly in front of the SEC building every day, pulling banners, holding American flags and placards in English, and expressing their demands in a quiet and orderly manner.

Quiet, peaceful, without loud slogans — the calm protests won the support of Americans to varying degrees: some cast friendly eye, some gave them thumbs up in agreement, some said “you are brave,” some stopped and asked for what happened, and some honked the horns to show their respect.

SEC and CCP Capital are in cahoots

Richren, an investor from New York accepted the GTV reporter’s interview. He believes that GTV is a rare resource, as precious as gold. GTV is one of the few media platforms courageously pursuing the truth and the only one aiming to terminate the CCP around the world. In terms of investment, GTV also offers an opportunity for grassroots, which is unprecedented. As we all know, in general, for the original and founding shareholders of a company, only the powerful capital, bureaucratic capital, and dignitaries can get their hands on; such opportunity is always beyond grassroots’ reach.

Richren also mentioned that as early as 2013, the CCP government and SEC passed a memorandum, by which the SEC can help package up the CCP’s junk companies and list them in Hong Kong and the U.S. markets to harvest the American people’s money. In sharp contrast, the SEC froze GTV’s capital invested by common people in specious excuses, thus preventing its financing and development. Richren holds high expectations for investing in GTV and hopes to achieve financial freedom through this investment. Therefore, he deems that the SEC has severely undermined his rights and interests.

He came to the protest site today to demand an explanation from the SEC. Meanwhile, he considers that CCP is the chief culprit for causing such worldwide chaos. Only by completely eradicating CCP from our planet will the world return to normal order. Richren hopes that the return on his investment would allow him to have more time, money, and capability to participate in destroying the CCP.

Adhering to GTV’s belief in the pursuit of truth

A tall, handsome American man came to the frontline today. His name is David, and he is the host of GTV’s “The Fringe” program at MOS. He is the first Native English speaker anchor on the GTV platform.  Through his wife, who is also a Chinese investor in GTV, David was introduced to the Whistleblower’s Movement and Mr. Guo Wengui. He gradually understood what is the CCP’s BGY plan, which was exposed on the GTV and GNews platforms. The purpose of this plan (or plot) is to weaken and kill the United State. Meanwhile, he fully understands the truth of the CCP virus.

David likes the GTV logo as he thinks it is very good to his taste. What makes him appreciate more is GTV’s adherence to the value of truth alone and its mission to pursue truth. To that end, David started his broadcasting program on GTV in English. He said that many Americans do not even know what the three letters CCP stand for, and the English program can help more Americans understand the real-life situation of Chinese people, and the GTV platform even covers a lot of real news about Russia and Iran.

As an investor, he denounced the collusion between SEC and CCP, which unfairly treated Mr. Guo and GTV, delayed the normal financing and IPO of GTV, and caused huge losses to investors. Together with his wife, he bravely stood up and made protests to the SEC.

David believes that GTV has a great future as a legitimate, high-quality, truth-seeking media. He trusts Mr. Guo’s wisdom and the Whistleblower’s Movement led by Mr. Guo. He thinks GTV is the only media platform to speak and spread trues. He said that CCP is very afraid of GTV because GTV exposes the corruption and evil of CCP. He believes that persistent fighting will enable GTV to win the final victory. He hopes that more Americans will be able to step up to expose the truth because of him.

Continue to persevere in the cold wind

Although the final outcome has yet to know, the protesters will still show up every day. The biting cold wind made them feel the preciousness of sunshine. They stood in the sunlight as much as possible and became a group of sunlight chasers.

The protest, which has been lasting for half a month, also raised a considerable impact on the local area. Many Americans in the neighborhood have heard the demands of the investors and become aware of the harm the CCP has done to American society. As more and more Americans wake up, investors will be fighting more and more brave and confident. The physical fatigue of the protesters could be overcome. The drive to reveal the truth will support them to continue to persevere.

At the time this article published, we received a message that the SEC’s Enforcement Chief resigned abruptly yesterday. The Chief was a Chinese American. The reason for her resignation was the complicated relationship between her and Wall Street regulation in the past.

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